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Panipat III: A flawed narrative

The claim of Panipat III being a Battle of Faiths is a flawed narrative by Maratha Revisionists which does not stand scrutiny of historical evidence.

Open letter to his excellency, governor of Rajasthan

Ambedkar’s claim to fame and subsequent glory is most disingenuous piece of hero making to garner votes.

Shaheen Bagh and Singhu : Shah’s grand failure!

The background of anti CAA need not be emphasised here but the failure of the government and the inept handling by the Home Minister, the modern Chanakya, a slur though, Amit Shah was supposed to be a Case Study for any future protests of the magnitude as the anti CAA protests.

Devil’s advocate; Raja Man Singh I, sinner and a saint

A narrative was built by the leading lights amongst Left historians in creating Demons amongst Rajput community by fake alignment of evidence taking bits and pieces to paint a picture wholly incongruous with the facts.

Hindavi Swaraj: A misnomer

The myth of Hindavi Swaraj & Maratha Confederacy as Hindu Saviours.

Indian Muslim and the Ummah!

It is the endeavour of every Muslim to believe in the Universal Brotherhood, Ummah, it is manifestation of the fact that all Muslims are one and same, the difference of nationality is temporary only to be overthrown once the aim of Islamisation of the unbelievers is complete.

Secular India, an anachronism

Secularism has destroyed the social and cultural fabric of India, because in our country its manifestation is the worst caricature of what Secularism is.

Anti CAA protests; a Khilafat redux

The parallels are easily seen between Khilafat Movement of 1920 and Anti CAA protests of 2020!

Why I am scared as a Hindu amidst the anti-CAA protests

Will I as a Hindu be allowed to follow my religion without being abused, without being lured or threatened to convert?

CAB: Are Indian Muslims really Indians?

The protests are no longer about CAA or NRC anymore, it’s about Muslims flexing their political and ideological muscles and trying to frighten the majority population by their wanton acts of violence.

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