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Indian Muslim and the Ummah!

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Speak for Nationalist Rationale ! Without fear or favour. Masters in History & Economics, graduate of Law..! Politics, international politics, strategic and security issues are subjects of interest..

A massive mob of sloganeering Muslims calling for Death to all who according to them had blasphemed against the Prophet and the Allah threatened to overrun the central Indian city of Bhopal, capital of Madhya Pradesh in the Hindu Nationalist Government of BJP!

What prompted them to come out in lakhs and protest against something which has no bearing on their lives, their rights, their identity, their well-being and their freedoms?

It was Indian Muslim’ response to an address by the President of France, Emmanuel Macron to his people, to the citizens of France about reasserting the founding principles of the French Republic, namely Secularism in its French avatar, laicite while denouncing the gruesome beheading of a French teacher by a Chechen refugee whose only crime was showing his pupils the cartoons published by Charlie-Hebdo, a magazine famous for lampooning religions without favour or fear. The beheading was followed by an attack on Church goers in the French city of Nice by a knife wielding young Muslim man who killed three of his victims in response to the Presidential address, another attack was foiled by the police in Avignon.

Interestingly, none of the events has any direct effect on the Indian Muslim neither does the address by Macron has any bearing on the Indian Muslim then what led to these protests in India is a question which begets answers. And, none of the so called Liberal Muslims, an oxymoron though, had an answer or the seculars or the progressives among them. The protests have been witnessed in major Indian cities all baying for blood!

This is oft recurring theme in India when you find Indian Muslim protesting against something with which he has no connect. Most famously, you can always find them and their Communist friends espousing the cause of Palestine, Chechnya, Iraq but never against the terror attacks against the citizens of India. No one has ever seen a protest against the terror strikes in India by Indian Muslims but definitely a protest against visiting dignitaries, like Bush visit in the aftermath of Afghanistan. No one can recollect any protest against the Mumbai Blasts or 26/11 by Pakistan sponsored and trained terrorists. Not even a symbolic protest against 30 years of killings of innocent citizens in terror attacks. One may hear some Maulanas issuing Fatwas against terror killings but those are perfunctory with no intent of condemnation per se.

Question arises, what makes the Indian Muslim react the way he does?

It is ordained in the Quran!

Islam is a brotherhood, a religion which brooks no geographical boundaries, no national identity no constitutional obligations. The very term “Indian Muslim” is an Oxymoron, for Islam does not recognise any boundaries or any constitution when it comes to governing its flock. The believers follow only what Quran and the Hadith speaks of, it becomes an obligation for every believer to follow the Quran, the Hadith in letter and spirit. It cannot be overlooked or defied by any Believer, rest he becomes an Apostate and liable to killed by any Momin, believer. And, Indian Muslim can’t be any different, India as a nation for him is an artificial entity and he only begrudgingly accepts it as a country only till he is not able to convert it in Darul Islam!

It is the endeavour of every Muslim to believe in the Universal Brotherhood, Ummah, it is manifestation of the fact that all Muslims are one and same, the difference of nationality is temporary only to be overthrown once the aim of Islamisation of the unbelievers is complete. It is the overriding teaching being drilled into the Indian Muslim even after India accommodated Muslims as its own after the bloody Partition which divided India into two Nations based on assertions by Muslims that Two Nations of Hindus and Muslims cannot live together. It is acknowledged by scholars that Muslim leaders of pre independent India always supported the Cause of Islam if it ever came into conflict with Independent India headed by Hindu Majority. The Maulanas were unapologetic about the fact that if Hindu majority India came into conflict with any Muslim country, Muslims of India would support the aggression against the state.

Therein lies the truth.

Indian Muslim is an Indian in name only with a minuscule percentage truly believing in India as its Motherland or his country. The majority is unabashedly pro Ummah, believes only in Quran as their Constitution, Islamic Law overrides everything else. The aftermath of the French Presidential address has supposedly sane voices in India justifying the beheadings, knife attacks and terror attacks against France and the French. Many Islamic Nations have asked for Ban on French products, laughingly, none of these Islamic Nations have called for Ban on French armaments industry or its products. The hypocrisy is abundantly displayed by the protests and protestors both in India and world over.

What riles an Indian is the fact that these protests are being projected by the Muslims as a Show of Strength to cow down the majority Hindus, a fear psychosis being created as has been the wont since Islam came into being in the deserts of Saudi Arabia some 1400 years ago. Fear is the most potent weapon employed by Islam to keep its flock and the Unbelievers in bondages and it has succeeded in it. But, it seems that time has come to call off this Fear and France has show the World the way forward here on !

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Speak for Nationalist Rationale ! Without fear or favour. Masters in History & Economics, graduate of Law..! Politics, international politics, strategic and security issues are subjects of interest..
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