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Latest Jihad in France

The root cause of violence in France rests with the Islam itself.

Analyzing the consequences of ongoing riots in France

In this article, we will delve into the consequences of these ongoing riots in France and explore their impact on different aspects of society.

Secrets of the Chinese Army

Unveiling some interesting and exclusive secrets of Chinese Army!

Radical Islam and terrorism

Are terror killings acceptable? No, whatever be the cause. The second is the right to freedom of expression. A definite and loud yes. The right to criticise? Another definite yes!!

Indian Muslim and the Ummah!

It is the endeavour of every Muslim to believe in the Universal Brotherhood, Ummah, it is manifestation of the fact that all Muslims are one and same, the difference of nationality is temporary only to be overthrown once the aim of Islamisation of the unbelievers is complete.

रेगिस्तानी नागफनी

फ्रांस की दुर्घटना मानवता के नाम पर वो कलंक है जो आने वाले समय मे एक ऐसा मानक तो स्थापित कर ही देगा कि तथाकथित शांति समुदाय के शरणार्थियों को शरण देने के लिए कितनी बार सोचें या उनके बारे में सोचने की प्रक्रिया ही निरस्त कर दी जाए।

Do Pakistani leaders care about Islam?

It is difficult to believe that the Pork-eating and Brandy-drinking Jinnah actually cared about his people.

Beheading of French teacher

It makes one wonder why France allows radical Islamists a free hand?

Indian Diplomacy- Dynamic Shift

Significance & timing of PM Modi's visit to the 4 countries and its impact on world politics.

Going cashless is the way forward but are we ready for a cashless society?

Going cashless is a very bold move, but has a lot of risks. Government should address the risks, before going overboard over the ‘cashless’ agenda.

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