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Latest Jihad in France

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Following widespread arson, loot and destruction in France for about ten days starting from 27 June, 2023, the people across the world gave broadly two types of reaction. One group was shell-shocked and the other saw it coming. The first group of people were in their secular, plural and inclusive dream-world.

The second group which included, inter alia, Islamists and Left-Liberals, was trying to justify the violence by blaming colonial history of France, as well as, racism and discrimination against immigrant Muslims in France.

While the first group was oblivious of some basic facts about Islam, the second group was cunningly covering-up those.

The root cause of violence in France rests with the Islam itself. Each Muslim child, anywhere in the world, is brain-washed in the childhood with the convictions of Islamic teaching that:

1.    Islam is the only true religion and all other religions are fake and evil.

2.    All non-Muslims are hell-goers and to be hated and despised as Kafir.

3.    Muslims have the monopoly of dominating over all non-Muslims.

4.    Violence is a divine means (Jihad) to destroy or convert all non-Muslims.

5.    Secularism, democracy, pluralism, and inclusiveness are Haram and only Islam and Sharia should prevail all over the world.

Such community-based malicious mental-health leads to eruption of mass violence for any small or big cause. The community has no respect for democratic legal system. It remains perpetually aggressive and self-righteous vis-à-vis Kafir. What the civilized world saw as violence and riots in France, were no crime to them. Those were their religious obligations (Jihad) they had to fulfil.

These immigrant Muslims leave their own Islamic countries for poverty, civil war, internal rift or violent sectarian clashes. They never migrate to any other Islamic country and go to the Western countries only. There they are welcomed, given shelter, as well as, different social security services.

After living for years and decades, most of these Muslims never integrate with the customs, culture, mores, values and laws of the countries they adopted. With increase in their population size, they start trying to assert Islamism in those non-Islamic countries. They forget their past plight in their own countries and get rejuvenated to launch Jihad against the countries of Kafir which have given them shelter.

The Left-Liberal cabal supports this violent community with victim-card-narratives and oft-repeated noise of Islamophobia. The cabal also tries to justify the Jihad by calling these immigrant Muslims as poor and exploited. But they were far worse in their own countries. And why can’t they just return back peacefully from where they came to France?

If the roof is leaking, the problem cannot be solved permanently by mopping the floor. France, Western world and India must understand this sooner; stop mopping the floor and seal the leak of the roof. A dog’s tail can never be straightened. 

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