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Islamic refugees in Europe

फ़्रांस को खा रहे, ब्रिटेन को खाने की पूरी तैयारी है, सावधान भारत वालो अगली बार तुम्हारी बारी है

ये यूरोप में ईसाइयों से लड़ रहे, इजराइल के यहूदियों से लड़ रहे, भारत के हिन्दुओ से लड़ रहे और इसके आलावा ईरान, सीरिया, जार्डन, व इराक इत्यादि देशो में खुद से हि लड़ रहे हैँ।

UK spends US$8.5 million per day towards illegal migrants

While the citizens in the United Kingdom (UK) are suffering from an acute financial crisis and whereas many UK military families are not having access to room-heating systems or hot water, the government has been spending US$8.5 million every day to host illegal migrants in hotels at the cost of taxpayers.

Latest Jihad in France

The root cause of violence in France rests with the Islam itself.

Dutch students face neglect as the Pro-Education second-largest Party in the parliament roll-out red carpet for asylum-seekers

The Dutch government is adding hundreds of houses for asylum seekers on a war footing. Students in the Free University (VU) of Amsterdam protested against the housing shortage on 23 Sept but the government took no concrete action so far.

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