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Islamization of Europe

UK spends US$8.5 million per day towards illegal migrants

While the citizens in the United Kingdom (UK) are suffering from an acute financial crisis and whereas many UK military families are not having access to room-heating systems or hot water, the government has been spending US$8.5 million every day to host illegal migrants in hotels at the cost of taxpayers.

Latest Jihad in France

The root cause of violence in France rests with the Islam itself.

Pakistani jihadists seek asylum in Italy with false claims

According to data provided by UNHRC, only on February 28, 2023 1,342 Bangladeshi nationals arrived in Italy using rubber boats. On the same day, 1,175 Pakistanis also arrived in Italy.

Contesting the anti-Hindu & anti-India bias of the West

The biased-West cries on imaginary fascist-Hindutva after erasing its memory of the hundreds of Islamic terrorist attacks across the world in past five decades.

Islam, secular democracy and India

A minority community of Muslims can live in a non-Muslim majority country. Muslims there may follow the rules and laws made by the non-Muslims government there. But they can’t accept the rules and laws of Kafir from the bottom of their heart.

Dutch students face neglect as the Pro-Education second-largest Party in the parliament roll-out red carpet for asylum-seekers

The Dutch government is adding hundreds of houses for asylum seekers on a war footing. Students in the Free University (VU) of Amsterdam protested against the housing shortage on 23 Sept but the government took no concrete action so far.

A young novelist lives under death threats in liberal and tolerant Netherlands

Turkish origin Lale Gül (23) is a student and female novelist living in the Netherlands under death threats and on the verge of stopping to write about Islam as reported by the Dutch news site NOS.

Liberal left blame France for Samuel Paty’s murder

Is it wrong if France expects immigrants and refugees to abide by and respect France's core foundational principals of Secularism and Freedom especially if these people want to become French citizens.

Indian Muslim and the Ummah!

It is the endeavour of every Muslim to believe in the Universal Brotherhood, Ummah, it is manifestation of the fact that all Muslims are one and same, the difference of nationality is temporary only to be overthrown once the aim of Islamisation of the unbelievers is complete.

Can knife attack?

'Allahu Akbar'(God is Great)! I know, we all know. But this isn't the true worship as it clearly seems. There are seemingly endless ways to reach infinity. But the blood of "terror caliphates", doesn't peep to understand

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