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Liberal left blame France for Samuel Paty’s murder

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Its a known fact, New York Times is a hive of radical Left activist posing as liberals but now they have even thrown away the thin veneer of make believe which is good in a way, we know who they truly are, but this was an absolutely appalling news article justifying the murderous attack by a Islamic terrorist on a unsuspecting innocent school teacher Samuel Paty. What is more appalling is that it is written by two journalists one of whom is a Pulitzer winner, Norimitsu Onishi. If this was written by an Islamic scholar or disaffected immigrant one could have understood the reasoning to scapegoat France but both journalists are French speaking individuals successfully integrated residents of France but have squarely laid the blame of the decapitation and murder of the school teacher on France, French people and France’s ‘failed’ integration policies.

The killing has underscored the increasing challenges to that system as France grows more racially and ethnically diverse. Two or three generations of newcomers have now struggled to integrate into French society

New York Times

The two eminent intellectuals blame France for forcing the immigrants to forget their native identity and become little French caricatures. Is it wrong if France expects immigrants and refugees to abide by and respect France’s core foundational principals of Secularism and Freedom especially if these people want to become French citizens. Didn’t these very people leave their native country because of oppression, lack of freedom and discrimination?

Taking a sarcastic tone, they mock the French education and school system for imposing its French culture and identity on students, sounds similar to the Left activists in India who protest a school curriculum which builds a spirit of nationalistism and patriotism.

French leaders have promised to redouble their defense of a public educational system that plays an essential role in shaping national identity…

New York Times

According to these journalists the French education system is shaping a national identity which causes a problem to immigrants and refugees. The article proposes that immigrants need not be assimilated or integrated, they want France to leave the immigrants to their own devices, allow them a free run of the country’s facilities and benefits without bothering to respect the host country, its culture and values.

Geopolitical Intelligence Services

France is multi racial and multi cultural country, at least Paris is to a great extent. People from ex French colonies live in all parts of France. There are people from far east – China, Vietnam, Cambodia, even Indians, Sri Lankan Tamil’s, Mauritians, Madagascar and West and Central Africans among other nationalities. How is it that these cultural and religious groups are living in harmony and within the laws of the French constitution.

Why is it that we don’t hear a machete wielding Tamil or Cambodian slaughtering innocent passers by on a street or a Church in Paris? Why is it that we don’t hear about riots by Chinese immigrants, burning cars on New Years eve? Why we don’t see gangs of Vietnamese or Hindus battling police in the streets or joining terrorist organisations? Why is that the so called ‘failed’ French immigration and schooling system is not adversely impacting Africans, Indians or Chinese immigrants or any other cultural and religious groups? Why are people from these cultures not picking up weapons to kill the French and blaming them at every turn for all their misery? I am sure they may have had many occasions where they would have felt racially discriminated or abused for colour of their skin, culture, food or religion.

Similar arguments were made in Belgium about the integration challenges there, how North African, Turkish, Arab immigrants were not feeling welcome in Belgium, were not able to integrate into Belgian society. There are many non European immigrants who have had tough times integrating into Belgian society but they never picked up a weapon as a reaction. Most of them have concentrated on their studies, work and their business, moved forward in life. Success at work and education are great lubricants in the integration process.

In between the focus on the failed French integration system, the flawed education system and the pathetic white wash of Abdoullakh Anzorov the 18 year old Muslim Chechen who murdered Samuel Paty, the people at New York Times tried to misdirect the readers from the real problem which is radical Islamic-Jehadi indoctrination. They have not once in the entire justification for murder mention radial Islam as the real problem. They completely side stepped the elephant in the room and made all kinds of lame excuses to justify the murder of the school teacher.

France has a cultural and foundational value system that gives it a distinct identity. Over thousands of years Franks, a Germanic people who gave the country its name, Vikings, Britons, Goths etc settled there and made what we know as France and French culture today. Muslim immigrants and refugees should respect it and be aware of the impact on their belief system, if they feel France or European culture is difficult to reconcile with and a difficult place to live they are welcome to leave or not arrive at the shores in the first place, they dont bring any skill or expertise that is lacking in Europe and I dont think the French or the European people will miss their absence.

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