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Islam, secular democracy and India

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As per Islam, sovereignty of the whole universe rests with Allah alone. Allah is the absolute ruler of the whole universe and he rules even arbitrarily (Quran 32:13) without any concern or compassion for human beings. However in this world and for practical purpose, sovereignty of Caliphate or country rests with Prophet or Caliph or Muslim King or Muslim leader, as the case may be. This basic theology does not change with circumstances.  

A minority community of Muslims can live in a non-Muslim majority country. Muslims there may follow the rules and laws made by the non-Muslims government there. But they can’t accept the rules and laws of Kafir from the bottom of their heart. They remain in a disturbed state of mind. For them the rules and laws of Allah are enshrined in Sharia only and all man-made rules and laws need to be rejected.

For a Muslim, Quran is the only Constitution. Quran is prescriptive to him. When Quran mandates Muslims to engage in warfare with non-Muslims, till all non-Muslims are converted, killed or made Dhimmi; – expecting secularism, pluralism and tolerance from the Muslims is next to stupidity.

So, the Constitution-based modern secular democracy has been anti-thesis of Islam. When a Muslim in India cries for Secularism, Democracy or Constitutional values, he either does not follow some core Islamic teachings or he tells gross lie to deceive non-Muslims. Arif Mohammad Khan to Asaduddin Owaisi via Nasiruddin Shah and Rana Ayyub et al, the fact remains the same. Only evil Leftists and agenda-driven Liberandus of India refuse to see this.

When a non-Muslim comes out openly about the incompatibility of Islam with the modern secular democracy, Islamists take the oft-repeated, standard and monotonous path of calling the said non-Muslim a ‘hate monger’ and ‘Islamophobe’. Even UN may also come forward to call him an ‘Islamophobe’. But they don’t have any counter-argument, what so ever.

Turkey, a 99 percent Muslim majority country, started practicing secular democracy about a hundred years back under Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who threw Islam completely out of the arena of state governance and social dynamics. But during past two decades, Turkey gradually has gone back to Islamic orthodoxy.

Islam has no scope for reformation and there is no escape for Muslims from Islam, except leaving it. ISIS, Boko Haram and Taliban practice unadulterated Islam. The movie “The Kashmir Files” has exposed the true face of Islam. Hence is so much of commotion and hue and cry about the movie by the Islamist-Left-Liberal cabal of India. With about 250 million of Muslims, their Quran, their Sharia and Sunnah of Muhammad; – secular and democratic India is really in a tight corner situation now.

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