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5 Suspected terrorists arrested in Bengaluru: All 5 belongs to same community

Suhail, Omar, Zahid, Mudasir, and Faisal, who are all between the ages of 25 and 35 and are from Bengaluru, are the suspects currently in custody.

Monotheism: Muhammad Vs Musaylimah

Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, spent a restless and chaotically violent life with different types of challenges during his last 10 years of prophethood in Medina.

Why were Hindu temples the primary target of Islamic rulers in India?

Everything the Prophet did was an example for all Muslims to follow — including iconoclasm. From Somnath to Gyanvapi — all stories of temple...

Islamist sectarian violence in the United States of America

Besides Shia-Sunni, there are many other sects of Islam the orthodox Sunnis are against. Their violent skirmishes are sometimes witnessed in the Western countries as well.

Sharma and Rushdie and politics of appeasement

Time has now come to clearly and forthrightly renounce and condemn this practice of minority appeasement.

Islam, secular democracy and India

A minority community of Muslims can live in a non-Muslim majority country. Muslims there may follow the rules and laws made by the non-Muslims government there. But they can’t accept the rules and laws of Kafir from the bottom of their heart.

Is Hijab really essential in Islam?

There is no other logic except to impose male superiority over women by the maulanas and mullahs who boastfully call themselves scholars of Islam.

‘Pen-is mightier than sword’- Kuf’rs & the growth of Islam

The hard fact of PMtS is the soft power of incremental, not readily noticeable demographic changes, that grow by way of compound interest over time. Especially with respect to the spread of the Islamic ideology.

रेगिस्तानी नागफनी

फ्रांस की दुर्घटना मानवता के नाम पर वो कलंक है जो आने वाले समय मे एक ऐसा मानक तो स्थापित कर ही देगा कि तथाकथित शांति समुदाय के शरणार्थियों को शरण देने के लिए कितनी बार सोचें या उनके बारे में सोचने की प्रक्रिया ही निरस्त कर दी जाए।

The reason why Muslims choose ‘stone pelting’ to protest is associated with Islamic custom called- Rami al-Jamarat or Stoning the Devil

In the ritual, Rami al-Jamarat or Stoning the Devil, Muslim pilgrims throw pebbles at three walls called the Jamarat, located in the city of Mina, which is situated in the east of Mecca.

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