Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Prasad Binoy

Islamist sectarian violence in the United States of America

Besides Shia-Sunni, there are many other sects of Islam the orthodox Sunnis are against. Their violent skirmishes are sometimes witnessed in the Western countries as well.

Genuine pressure-points in sensible dialogues on Islam

It will be erroneous to assume the 19.5% Muslim population of India will stay Islamists once they are told about the foundation of Islam – the Quran, the Hadees and the biography of Muhammad. 

Warped arguments of Dr Ram Puniyani: A Rejoinder

As a person of scientific temper, Ram Puniyani must know that the younger generation all over the world has access to a lot more information and tools to make a comparative assessment of all the Faiths and their Founders

The Hijab controversy in India: What do we need to know?

In the latest controversy, the Islamists are asserting that it’s the “fundamental” right of the Muslim girls to wear hijab in the classrooms on the ground of their faith.

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