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‘Pen-is mightier than sword’- Kuf’rs & the growth of Islam

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First things first.

‘Pen is mightier than Sword’- is the original phrase, put together by Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839, to propose that, advocacy/propaganda via writing/journalism is more powerful – and will give much, much better results than the use of direct violence.

This maxim has been kinda proven in the recent USA elections – with the Left-Liberal democrats using their entrenched propaganda skills (via Twitter, Google, WaPo, NYT and the like) in combination with (probably unnecessary) significant violence (via #BLM and other assorted protests) run-up to the elections.

Anyway. Be clear that, this post is about Penis and NOT ‘Pen Is;’ About PMtS. ‘Penis Mightier than Sword.’ In the specific context of Islam.

Of course, in Bharat, there are the associated bleeding issues of the huge fecundity of a given/average Muslim family, its average size, early marriages, infusion of foreign funding, brainwashing that happens from childhood, minority appeasement, proliferation by migrants (in India’s case, Rohingyas and Bangaldeshis), politics of appeasement (by congressis, communists, dravidians and the like), slavish media, and D gang money & muscle – not to talk about the ISI kind of encouragements to Islamic terrorism.

However, as I mentioned earlier, the thesis of this post is that, given the strategic use of the Penis, along with the tactics of ‘oont aur musaffir‘ (or the ‘Camel and the Tent’ parable, if you will – one version) the imperialist & colonialist Islam ideology is poised to reap rich demographic dividends & benefits.


The hard fact of PMtS is the soft power of incremental, not readily noticeable demographic changes, that grow by way of compound interest over time. Especially with respect to the spread of the Islamic ideology. Specifically via the Penis. And, spread through the control of the Wombs.

Islam (and mostly Catholic Christianity also) has always spread through two basic ways.

1. Sword: putting infidels to death, unless they convert wholesale. Or under the threat of the Sword, or converting them by offering them sops like menial jobs, relief from taxes imposed on infidels/kuf’rs like Jizya, release from slavery etc.

2. Penis: using the Islamized penis to impregnate the wombs of the enslaved infidels/kuf’r women, little girls even. The ensuing and hapless generation,estranged from its cultural roots, grows up as self-loathing, gruesome warriors and wombs of Islam.

These two ways are very much authorized by Islam, and are authenticated in Quran. They were also very religiously practiced by the inventor of Islam. Hence, using Swords and Penises are normal and recommended forms of dawah or the preaching of Islam. It is all halal, thanks so much!

However, as an effective strategem, Penis scores massively over the Sword – across many contexts and axes of approaches. As in:

Costs: Obviously, the costs of wielding a Sword are high. One has to clean the sword after use, for example. But one does not need to clean the Penis at all. It can be reused  as many times as needed, with the technique of Islamicus interruptus.

Maintenance & Effectiveness: Also, unlike a sword, which needs to be polished & sharpened often times so that it remains effective & retains the ‘halal cutting edge’ — the Penis as a weapon, need not much be taken care of, at all. The more the Penis is used, the more effective it becomes in terms of endurance, its goal.

Short term Vs Long term: Using a Sword is relatively a short term game. One has to repeatedly do it and administer the swooshes to generation after generation of kuf’rs. It is not to say that is not effective, but energies have to be extended and applied over a longer period and you can kill a given kuf’r only once, which is not satisfactory; however, using a Penis is like ‘put it, forget it.’ The same Penis can be reused again and again to impregnate not only the same kuf’f woman but also others. No need to clean it for multiple use, either physically or metaphorically.

An added bonus is that, progeny that would result via such Penisism is already brainwashed and would be a willing foot soldier of Islamic expansionism with Sword, if male – and if female, can be reused as a hatchery or a momin factory.

Propaganda leverage: Usage of a Sword, invariably results in responses and reactions – and most importantly bad press, not that Islam really cares about a bad image. Sometimes there are pinpricks like condemnations, but even this can be managed over time – if the Swooshes of the Swords happen in bits and pieces, literally! However, when the conversion happens via Penis, then LeLis would invariably support them, even moderate kuf’rs would encourage them, talking about the ‘merger of the hearts’ and what not. In this case, ignorant folks and useful idiot-kuf’rs rally to the self-defeating cause.

(Tick whichever is applicable: a) Eashwar Allah tero naam b) Vasudaiva kutumabakam c) Aa no bhadraha kritavo yantu vishwatah d) All of the above) Actually it is good press, even. Works very well in the long term interests of the Islamic ideology.

Historical memories: Sword swooshes with their blood and gore create a long term deleterious image – that refuses to go away; however, when Proselytization by Penis happens, a little semen by droplet semen, literally nobody notices; it is like Cancer, the silent killer. Or like a terrible Virus, that invades another culture, and uses its DNA & nutrients to proliferate. Since this is not seen as an attack or an illness, the target culture/society does not invent any vaccines for it, nor does it take remedial/counter measures; sadly this tamassic nature only results in demise of the target cultures. Ancient Zoroastrians, Pagans, many Jewish tribes, many Christian communities which have ALL seen their early demise, are great examples of how the Islamic ideological penises are NOT to be handled.

Directionality: It is possible that  there could be a  few rebellious Penises from the yet-to-be Islamised target cultures, that are interested in an Islamic girl/vagina; fair enough, it is all evolutionary behavior and play of harmones and youth… Call it ‘ill fated love,’ whatever. However unless the aforementioned Penis belongs to a rich, well-to-do kuf’r, the part and its owner are invariably cut off with a Islamic Sword, even to the horror of the hapless Islamic girl; sometimes the poor girl is also finished off as an example and as an added bonus. All of us know that, these tragedies happen as a matter of routine in Bharat. These gruesome treatments, exemplar executions and ‘nipping in the bud’ of a counter jihadi-love sends many signals. Three morals of this are: 1) Penis can be used in only one direction 2) If they are used in the counter/opposite direction, then Islamic Sword will be put to good use 3) Wombs are protected, only one-way entry will be encouraged.

Given the above axes, it is no surprise that PMtS strategy is working absolutely fine, for Islamic dawah and ideologies.


It is as important to control the Authoritarianism of the Penises,  as to control the access to target, kuf’r Wombs. This can ONLY be done via a proper, persistent and reinforced education to the kuf’r young men and ladies – clearly telling them as to what is at stake, and what gruesomeness can a mere harmone-crazed love can lead to etc.

I sincerely believe that, along with ‘birds and bees’ kind of knowledge transfer/talk to their adolescents and other impressionable youth – the kuf’r communities also need to talk to them about the deleterious potential of the Penis, which as an instrument of accession provided to the messianic/Islamic cultures, works almost always against the Polytheist / Pagan / Bharatiya faiths – and more specifically against their individual selves, their welfare and their very being.

Of course there are rare exceptions, wherein there is genuine affection, consideration and mutual respect between a Penis and a Vagina, irrespective of the faith of the owners of the respective body parts – but these exceptions only prove the general rule. I personally know of a very few exceptions, but also know of many, many more general cases – directly, and much more through media.

So. PMtS = TRUE.


‘Love Jihad’ – this phrase may be repugnant to LeLis (Leftist – Liberals) – but it is a lived reality in the context of PMtS. I am saying this from a proximate cause of a close friend of mine (who is an ex-LeLi), whose ravaged daughter has come back to her Indic household, broken, bruised and much aged (beyond her chronological age!) – poor thing. That, this daughter was highly educated, had a great career in STEM etc things did not really matter. She just ‘fell’ in love. Which on the face of it, was normal, correct thing even.

That the Muslim lad, who married her, showing-off his brightness + liberal and academic credentials, also did not matter. Once the wedding happened, then the constant struggle jump-started – name change to dresscode to dos-and-donts to… Actually the ‘liberal muslim’ lad started enforcing Islam on her with direct threats and even occasional beatings (all pukka approved by Quran of course!), but what else did she expect? (luckily she was not pregnant when she came back, but not many are lucky like her…)

It is subsequent to listening to such horrendous tales by the pitiable father that I posted a couple of tweets.

I had seen (once) this daughter when she was a little, bright girl and it really hurts to know now that, her whole life has seemingly crumbled around her, and she her natal family are forced to pick up the threads of existence after shifting to a new town, shorn of their geographical & cultural roots.

Love Jihad is a lived reality for many, many young ladies. And, I am not over-generalizing based on one data-point; many such Lovejihaded girls suffer in silence. Many do not have the luxury of getting back to their natal homes and the dharmic comforts that they offer. They do not have any support system worth speaking of. Tragic.

Love Jihad is definitely, a significant tool for implementing the Islamic ideology of ‘Penis mightier than Sword.’

And, now I recollect the relevant parts from the brilliant novel – Aavarana of SL Bhyrappa, in this context of a Hindu girl getting married to an educated Muslim scholar… (and paying dearly for it)

Aavarana, at a variety of levels, is NOT merely fiction.


As a target population of kuf’rs, we need to take cognizance of the Islamic ideology and its very effective tool, Penisism.

Please note that, I am not talking about some theoretical scenario – I have actually sat in ‘relatively peaceful’ and ‘less hateful’ Friday salaat al-jumuah in some mosques, wherein the madarsa sheikh/Imam who lead them, even talking encouragingly about this ‘love’ as a tool for Dawah, the proselytization of kuf’rs and for increasing the number of the faithfuls…

Postscriptum: It is not that Evangelical Christianity does not do this. It does it with much better polish & aplomb. It does not completely negate the Bharatiya narratives (unlike Islam) but, insidiously digests them; this is even more dangerous than Islam, because it seeks to control the target Wombs, and distort/digest the Dharmic pathways wholesale.

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