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Islamic Conversions

Psychology of Indian Muslims

The contents of the article pertain to the majority (99%) Muslims of India

Religious conversion and cultural appropriation

Wherever Hindus have been a minority in South Asia, they have been exterminated.

The impossibility of Indian secularism

When Allah is violently and absolutely intolerant about other Gods, how can Allah's followers be tolerant and friendly towards the believers of those other Gods? 

हिंदूओं के वीर संगठनों की धार कुंद कैसे हुई?

क्यों राजनैतिक नेतृत्व इन अराष्ट्रीय गतिविधियों के प्रति घोर उदासीन बना हुआ है। उसकी क्या सियासी मजबूरियां हैं। क्या वह जानबूझकर इन घटनाओं को अनदेखा कर रहा है? क्या हिंदू समाज को कमजोर करने में ही उसे अपनी सियासत नजर आ रही है?

Love-Jihad: From Amir Khusro to Amir Khan & Taimur Lang to Tauseef

This LOVE JIHAD is not the invention of present-day “communal” Hindus, as claimed by Left-liberal Hindus. It has been there for last thousand years.

‘Pen-is mightier than sword’- Kuf’rs & the growth of Islam

The hard fact of PMtS is the soft power of incremental, not readily noticeable demographic changes, that grow by way of compound interest over time. Especially with respect to the spread of the Islamic ideology.

Indian Muslim and the Ummah!

It is the endeavour of every Muslim to believe in the Universal Brotherhood, Ummah, it is manifestation of the fact that all Muslims are one and same, the difference of nationality is temporary only to be overthrown once the aim of Islamisation of the unbelievers is complete.

How Hindus in India should tackle the threat of mass conversions!

It’s high time Hindus realise if they do not listen to the problems of their fellow-men, if they fail to organise and bring solutions to their fellow-men, if they fail to treat everyone equally, then someone else will.

The regressive attitude of Muslims in India

Until Muslims don't support their nation above their religion, they will face trouble and feel secluded in the current system.

Why anti-India forces like proselytism faces a big fiasco

By All India Anti-conversion law, the sugar coating of the Christian missionaries and love jihad by Mullahs on poor and misguided Hindus won’t be possible and this will help maintain original demography and will diminish the religious- disharmony in the country.

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