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Love-Jihad: From Amir Khusro to Amir Khan & Taimur Lang to Tauseef

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Gopal Goswami
Gopal Goswamihttp://gopalgoswami.in
Gopal Goswami is into infrastructure development business for the last 25 years in Surat, Gujarat. He has done his Masters in Public Administration and is currently pursuing a PhD in Management from National Institute of Technology (NIT}, Surat, Gujarat. He is an avid reader of Dharma and Indian culture, a strong believer of Vedic values of Sanatan and an active social worker.

Another girl Nikita Tomar got killed by jilted jihadist converter Tauseef in broad day light at point blank shooting in Ballabhgarh – Haryana. The girl was a bright child and was about to complete her graduation. For us it was just another incident and it’s unwarranted to give it a communal or Love Jihad angle. Nikitas are for getting harassed by Muslim men, chased down to colleges, market places, and lured on the pretext of love to get converted to Islam in the name of Love, which actually is Jihad. In Islamic cult one cannot marry a kafir, she needs to convert to Islam before marrying. If anyone promising you to keep your faith after marriage then either you are utter ignorant or under some narco-medic influence. This soft jihad is as old as Islam is. It’s the strongest tool ever to convert Kafirs or infidels to Islam.

There are several myths that misled Hindus for centuries by Muslim rulers, scholars, and leftist historians believing that we were always been meek, weak, had no will to fight. We have been forced by their armies to get converted to Islam and their Pir, fakirs have convinced Hindus to get converted afterward. The Darbari Hindus who were on the payrolls of the Sultans and Nawabs wrote in favor of it and helped this propaganda to spread across the Hindu land.

Time has come to explode this myth

Islamic invaders from Bin Qasim to Taimur, Nadir Shah to Abdali, all came with armies to loot, plunder, kill and kidnap Hindu men and women. Men were sold as slaves women as concubines. There are no records of Mehmood of Gazanavi converted Hindus during his raids to Somnath. Even after some of these invaders succeeded in establishing their rule, they were too busy securing it from our Hindu kings and their own kins! (A large number of Muslim rulers were either killed/jailed/deposed by their own people. Islamic history is full of palace politics and intrigues.)

Islamic invaders succeeded in establishing their rule in Delhi from the 13th century onwards till it ended formally in 1857 (Muslim rule was already a spent force when Aurangzeb died in 1707). During this period most of the Islamic rulers were busy consolidating their power, facing revolts and coups from within, or encountering fierce resistance from Hindu kings in particular and the Hindu populace in general. so in this mayhem when did they have time and resources to indulge in mass conversions of Hindus?

It is true that many Hindu elites during Islamic rule were enticed into accepting Islam to help them retain their positions of power and pelf by understanding our culture and demography so they can loot without much collateral damage. But that was purely voluntary. Similarly, several families of Hindu court musicians were allowed to function as court musicians on the condition of becoming Muslims. But the overwhelming majority of Hindus remained Hindus through these trying times of a few hundred years in their 15,000 years old history available history.

The Big Question is how?

Hindus of that era lived in about eight lakh villages and thousands of cities & towns of undivided India. All these Hindus were fully armed. Every Hindu man and woman, irrespective of caste, creed, or class, possessed arms and knew how to use them (After 1857 revolution, British systematically disarmed India. Reason why today’s urban Hindu doesn’t know how to use a stick or an axe).

To forcefully convert these armed Hindus, invaders will need large armies with crores of soldiers! Invaders did not have the time and resources to do this; they did not even have the will & wish to do it. They had come here only to loot, plunder, kidnap women, and enjoy power. Neither the so-called soldiers of Islam. For example, Masud Salar, nephew of Mehmood of Gazni could gather an army of a Lakh Turks, Persians, and Afghans only on the promise of loot and plunder of Ayodhya! He convinced the desperados that Ayodhya was much bigger and wealthier than Somnath which was sacked by his maternal uncle (This Masud and his army were decimated by king Suheldev in the famous battle of Baheraich in present-day UP in the year 1023, Masud too was killed).

so it’s evident Our Hindu ancestors did not convert willingly to Islam, nor could they be forced to embrace Islam. Then how we find so many Muslims in modern India? How there are so few Hindus (Of all faiths) left in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh?

The Answer is LOVE JIHAD!

This LOVE JIHAD is not the invention of present-day “communal” Hindus, as claimed by Left-liberal Hindus. It has been there for last thousand years. Ever imagined what happened to the children of Hindu women who were kidnapped by invading Muslims? What about the children born of thousands of Hindu women kept in their hundreds of harems by Sultans, emperors, their army Generals, and ministers? These children were born of Hindu mothers but raised as Muslims. Amir Khusro’s father was Uzbek Muslim and mothers a Hindu Rajput lady. His children were raised as Muslims. Jahangir was the son of a Rajput Hindu princess Jodhabai. He ruled India as a devout Muslim and helped to spread Islam in India.

Now Come to modern times. Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi married a Hindu Sharmila Tagore. The couple begot a son named Saif Ali Khan, who married Hindu Karina Kapoor. Couple begot a son named Taimur! This Taimur is 75% Hindu but is being raised as a Muslim. This is true for millions upon millions of Hindu ladies who were either forced into marrying a Muslim or were cajoled or enticed into doing so. Results are the same. This LOVE JIHAD is not restricted to the Indian subcontinent. It is going on in Europe and Northern America, taking full advantage of democratic and liberal regimes in these continents.

In this context, if we conclude, the growth of Muslim population since the beginning has been due to Muslims marrying Hindu women and producing Muslim children, then we have to find ways of preventing this form of religious conversion. For modern Hindus, this has become an issue of life and death.

A hundred crore Hindus will have to unite and organize themselves to fight this menace called LOVE JIHAD. Hindus should have the following long-term strategy to counter Love Jihad.

  1. Create Awareness
  2. Find solutions
  3. Achieve Results


To achieve RESULTS, Hindus must form a new Hindu organization comprising of men and women dedicated to this cause with an aggressive name.

The creation of awareness should not be restricted to media or social media campaigns. we must document all the cases of LOVE JIHAD from History & modern times. Data turned in to booklets, Hindu volunteers must begin the campaign to visit all Hindu families having girl child or grown-up school/college going girls. Creative posters should be designed, printed, and pasted on the walls of schools, colleges, and prominent places. Local newspapers must be encouraged to carry the stories of LOVE JIHAD very prominently (though its happening on small scale)

The awareness campaign is needed for political parties too! All political parties must be made to realize that their existence and survival in India depends on India remaining HINDU! There are no free political activities in Islamic countries. All elected representatives must be approached with a plea to help to enact a law against this form of religious conversion. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and MP CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan have already initiated the process of a strict law to curb love jihad and other means of compulsive conversions. In any rare event of Hindu girl marrying Muslim man out of her volition, the law must prevent this Hindu girl from converting to Islam and must give her freedom to raise her Children as Hindus. Punishment for apostasy in Islam is death. The reason why a Hindu woman converted to Islam may not reconvert for fear of being killed. Law must protect such women.

Hindu Organizations should have cells to coordinate their activities with other Hindu organizations. It should also extend support to non-Muslim communities like Christians, Parsis, Jews (The term LOVE JIHAD was first coined in Kerala by the Christian Church after noticing how a large number of young Christian girls were being lured by Muslim men]

As mentioned above punishment for apostasy in Islam is death. As a result, a large number of young educated Muslim men and women though disillusioned with Islam are unable to disown it. Hindus must pressurize the parliament to protect all those men and women who wish to leave Islam.

United Hindus can end this 1300 years old scourge called LOVE JIHAD. We need so save our Dipika, Mira, Gauri, Amrita, Kareena’s from producing their enemy from own wombs. This love jihad is real and is being practiced on global scale. Few years back one pamphlet was surfaced in a news paper published from Vadodara. The rates of converting Hindu girls by marrying them were stated cast wise. Brahman girl for six lakh, Rajput for 8 Lakh, jain 2 lakh, sikh 6 lakh in addition to this motor bike, car and out of pocket expenses from  local Masjid. Hindus who still think this menace will not reach their homes are in deep slumber. We need to talk this regularly in the family with our children or be ready to be father of another Nikita Tomar.

Gopal Goswami, Research Scholar

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Gopal Goswami
Gopal Goswamihttp://gopalgoswami.in
Gopal Goswami is into infrastructure development business for the last 25 years in Surat, Gujarat. He has done his Masters in Public Administration and is currently pursuing a PhD in Management from National Institute of Technology (NIT}, Surat, Gujarat. He is an avid reader of Dharma and Indian culture, a strong believer of Vedic values of Sanatan and an active social worker.
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