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Gopal Goswami

Gopal Goswami is into infrastructure development business for the last 25 years in Surat, Gujarat. He has done his Masters in Public Administration and is currently pursuing a PhD in Management from National Institute of Technology (NIT}, Surat, Gujarat. He is an avid reader of Dharma and Indian culture, a strong believer of Vedic values of Sanatan and an active social worker.

Love-Jihad: From Amir Khusro to Amir Khan & Taimur Lang to Tauseef

This LOVE JIHAD is not the invention of present-day “communal” Hindus, as claimed by Left-liberal Hindus. It has been there for last thousand years.

Maoist-separatist nexus created anarchy in Delhi on Republic day

The Leftist- Communist conundrum has brought all these projects in action to defeat the rising nationalism all across the world. It’s the dyeing attempt of survival for communists all across the globe, as they see the death of left ideology with rising nationalism and country first slogans.

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