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Psychology of Indian Muslims

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[Note: The contents of the article pertain to the majority (99%) Muslims of India].

The third generation of Muslims in independent India, educated or otherwise, are present in all spheres of Indian society. One can be a painter, barber, businessman, puncture-wala, actor, butcher, corporate officer, vegetable seller, teacher, lawyer, cook, doctor, delivery boy, journalist, labourer or politician etc. But her/his core intent always remains dedicated to the spread of Islamic causes in India in some way or other.

While the ill-educated Pasmanda Muslims, who constitute about 80 percent of Indian Muslims, primarily act as foot soldiers in stone pelting, mass agitation, arson, loot, destruction of properties and killing of Kafir; -the educated and elite section of Ashraf Muslims create narrative to instigate the Pasmanda Muslims and justify their violent misdeeds at national and international levels. Ashraf Muslims, being a small minority, was the ruling class of India for centuries till 1757 AD. But, after 266 years of Plassey, they are yet to come out of their entitlement. Thus, in independent India, they play the role of leaders of Pasmanda Muslims.

Interestingly, about 95 percent of Indian Muslims, both Ashraf and Pasmanda, have never read and understood what Quran, Sahih Hadith and Sirat actually revealed/said about Allah, Islam, Muhammad and duties of Muslims. They remain ignorant about pre-Islamic history of Arabia too. They are required to know all those as, unlike Christianity, Islam controls every aspect of Muslims’ life.

On the contrary, they get indoctrinated in early childhood by Mullahs, in a formal way, at home or in Maqtab/Madrasa. The Mullahs teach a form of concocted Islam to Muslim kids by resorting to fake tales full of grandeur, valour and benign piousness of Muhammad. Mullahs also resort to lies, imagination and deceit about Islam and its Prophet.

The core message which is impregnated in the brain of Muslim kids relates to Islam being the only true religion and Muhammad being the best and last prophet and all other religions are false and evil. There is no scope for the kids to question or express doubt about Islam. The parents and society also discourage children and youths from asking any critical question about Islam or Muhammad. The Muslim society in India revolves around blind Islamic faith, Honour and Shame. Violence remains the only driving force to sustain these three attributes.

Grandfathers of 90 percent of these Indian Muslims violently fought for creation of Islamic Pakistan during 1940-47 for the Muslims of British India. They were crying that their future, as Muslims, would be in danger in Hindu-majority united and independent India. But, after partition they did not take the train to Pakistan and stayed in India to extract more Islamic pound of flesh from Hindu-majority India. While they created Islamic Pakistan in 1947 by playing minority card, their grand-children are now playing the same minority card in India after 75 years of independence. In other words, they ate the apple in 1947 and their grand-children have it now too.

Almost all the Indian Muslims now take refuge to Gandhi and Nehru at the drop of a hat. They eulogize Gandhi-Nehru as two sides of secular and democratic India. Their façade is so benign that Gandhi-Nehru would have become shell-shocked if they were alive now. Indian Muslims absolve themselves from partitioning India to make Islamic Pakistan. They blame Hindu Mahasabha and Savarkar for the Two nation Theory and creation of Pakistan. They have deceitful mind to create such false narrative.

These Indian Muslims first create problems, then develop a narrative and start playing victim card at last. They also resort to Confusion Jihad by taking different stands on the same issue to confuse the majority Hindus. A case in point is the Hijab issue of Karnataka’s Muslim school girl students. A few months back all of a sudden, the Muslim girl students of Karnataka state started wearing Hijab in violation of the dress code of the schools.

When those girl students were denied entry into the schools with Hijab, the Muslim community, across India, started crying that their religious practice was compromised. Expectedly, some Muslim civil-society members were calling the wearing of Hijab as their religious right, while others were calling it as personal choice. Meanwhile a distorted narrative about persecution of Muslims in India was peddled world-wide and Indian Muslims presented them as victims in Hindu-majority India.

Another example is anti-CAA agitations. The Government of India enacted CAA in 2019 to ease the process of giving citizenship to non-Muslim refugees who had migrated to India up to 2014 from Islamic Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh for religious persecutions. But Indian Muslims called CAA as anti-Muslim without any logic and launched nation-wide protest with main centre at Shaheenbagh, Delhi. They also took international support from their co-religionists and Left-Liberal ecosystem to make it appear as a draconian anti-Muslim Act of Hindu-majority India by misinterpreting CAA.

The anti-CAA Muslim agitation in India was actually aimed at pre-empting the detection and deportation of tens of millions of illegal Muslim Bangladeshi and Rohingya in India. India is not any developed country with a negligible Muslim population and needing extra workforce.

So, India could never accept such illegal infiltration at the cost of shifting of demography in favour of Muslims and to compromise law and order situation. But after creating this problem by supporting illegal infiltration, Indian Muslims created a narrative around CAA in their favour and started playing victim card as usual.

Nupur Sharma case is a clear example of how Muslims in India can be collectively and individually evil. After a TV debate, where BJP spokesperson Ms Nupur Sharma quoted from Standard Islamic Narrative about Muhammad’s life, Mohammed Zubair of Alt News dog-whistled on her so-called Gustakh-e-Rasool to garner support from Islamic countries against India to bring India to its knees.

Besides organizing massive angry and violent protests by Muslims in different parts of India for weeks together, three Hindus were murdered, four brutally assaulted and numerous got death threats. In the process, Ms Nupur Sharma was suspended from the post of BJP spokesperson and she had to go in hiding for safety of her life. Such vicious, Indian Muslims can be.

Blaming others for their own faults has been a trait of Muslims for 1400 years. Indian Muslims could make martyrs out of the killed Islamic terrorists in Batla House encounter. They awarded the same title to killed Islamic terrorist Burhan Wani and Afzal Guru.

Even the horrific Islamic terrorist attacks in Mumbai on 26/11 was labeled as RSS Ki Sazish by them, when an Indian court had already awarded death penalty to the lone surviving Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab in that connection. In all these Jihadi endeavours, Congress and Communists  stood rock-solid with the Indian Islamists.

All the credit for Islamic problems in today’s India goes to the Congress party. Under Gandhi, Congress became the B-Team of Muslim League before 1947. The picture did not change after independence of India even. One example here will explain the Islamic soul and face of Congress party.

Before independence, Muhammad Ismail Sahib was a top Muslim League leader from Madras Presidency. The Muslim League fought 1946 election with all its strength on the single agenda of Pakistan. In Madras Presidency, Muhammad Ismail led Muslim League to victory in all 28 Muslim seats.

But after partition, Ismail Sahib and his group did not migrate to Pakistan. He became the member of Indian Constituent Assembly and bitterly argued for continuation of separate electorate for Muslims in independent India. When Muslim League party went to Pakistan after 15 August 1947, Muhammad Ismail did not waste time in forming another political party named Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) in March 1948 in Madras Province.

During reorganization of states, Ismail’s constituency came under Kerala state. IUML has been an alley of Congress party in Kerala. Congress shouts 24 x 7 and abuses BJP as a communal Hindu party, but it has been hand-in-glove with Muslim communal party like IUML since 1948.

Another example can be found in Moinul Haque Choudhury of Silchar, Assam. After obtaining MA degree from AMU Aligarh, he joined Muslim League in 1946 and was a top-level national leader of its Youth Wing. But after partition, Moinul Haque did not migrate to Pakistan. On the contrary he was inducted in Congress during 1951, became five times MLA of Assam Assembly and a state cabinet Minister also.

In 1971, Haque became an MP from Congress party in a by-election and was made Industry Minister by Indira Gandhi. This way almost all Indian Muslim Leaguers, who did not migrate to Pakistan, were absorbed in Congress and such number was very big. This prevented Indian Muslims to come out from Muslim League ideology, even after independence of India.

Aurangzeb and other cruel Muslim invaders/rulers of India used swords to Islamize India. But the Congress party, in independent India, used the Constitution, Acts and Laws to Islamize the country. Muslim Personal Laws, Muslim Personal Law Board, government sponsored Iftar Parties by the President and Prime Minister of India, Wakf Council and state Wakf Boards, giving of government lands to Wakf Board, Minority institutions status to AMU and Jamia, keeping of the income of Muslim Shrines free from income tax, government funding of Madrasa education, constitution of Minority Commission and Ministry of Minority Affairs, Hajj subsidy (withdrawn by BJP government a few years back), allowing unrestrained and illegal construction of tens of thousands of Mosques and Mazars across India (through Land Jihad) are few examples.

Instead of encouraging Muslims to integrate with Hindu majority independent India, Congress party consciously pampered the Indian Muslims to cultivate their separate identity, which was based on Islam alone. Nobody cared to know that Islam allows them to wage war (through violence, propaganda, deception and mischief) in non-Muslim majority countries (Dar al-Harb) like India for the cause of bringing India in the way of Allah.

Later, some regional political parties like AAP, SP, BSP, RJD, JDU, TMC, NCP, and TRS etc have also become Muslim-centric parties for vote bank politics. These parties have taken Muslim appeasement and Muslim hooliganism in India to the next higher level.

The identity crisis of Indian Muslims is no different than Pakistani Muslims. Emotionally, they align with Mughal, Turk, Arab and Persian which connects their Islamic identity. But, genetically and physically, they are part and parcel of India. So, they are neither here, nor there. However, they thrive on some extra-territorial delusion. Indian Muslims are primary products of Islam that negates their peaceful co-existence with the majority Hindu community of India, who are considered as Kafir.

Islam is an exclusive religion full of megalomania. It others everything that is non-Islamic. Indian Muslims could never come out of that limitation of Islam. It has always been we versus they, that is, Momin versus Kafir. As per Islamic teachings, every Hindu is an accursed and hell-goer to be converted, killed or made Dhimmi. Indian Muslims may cry hoarse that these are hate speech. But Islamic scriptures are full of Kafir-phobia and give the believers such inhuman and violent commandments to deal with the Kafir.

Democracy, Constitution and Secularism are anti-these of Islamic scriptures and teachings. So, when an Indian Muslim cries on some imaginary violation of democracy, constitution or secularism in the country, she/he either comes out of the realm of Islam or uses this as a lie to peddle Islamism in India. There is nothing like liberal Muslim or moderate Muslim. Either one is Muslim or not.

After partition in 1947, Muslims in independent India constituted about 9.5 percent. In the 2011 census, they became 14.2 percent. Now they will be about 18 percent. Out of total 766 districts in India, Hindus have already become minority in 200 districts. This is pure Population Jihad. In this context it should be remembered that they created Islamic Pakistan when they were about 25 percent of British India’s population.

In the past seven decades, demographic shift in their favour has been seen particularly in Assam, West Bengal and Kerala. Besides there are thousands of Muslim pockets across India, and those behave like mini-Pakistans within the country.

The situation has been further worsened in India by Communists and Secular Hindus. On one hand, Communism being an authoritarian, violent, disruptive and evil political dogma, its followers always try to support Islamism and Islamic causes in India for creating social disruption, which may help them to weaken the majority Hindu community. On the other hand, Secular Hindus are stupid. They fall victim to false propaganda of Muslim Intellectuals that Islam is the religion of peace.

Nothing can be furthest from the truth. These Secular Hindus foolishly accept Iswar Allah Tero Naam without knowing that no Muslim can accept this line, as it amounts to Shirk. It is a crime under Islam to associate any other God with Allah and punishable by death. The Sarva Dharma Sama Bhava of Secular Hindus, too, is utopian. Firstly, because Islam is no Dharma. And secondly because Muslims cannot but accept Islam as the only true religion.

Indian Muslims have initiated a new trend since a few years. With active support from the Communists and Secular Hindus, Indian Muslims are criticizing and opposing public celebration of Hindu festivals like Holi, Dewali and Ram Navami. Their opposition finds expression in age-old practice of stone pelting and other criminal activities. Bongs, on the other hand in Kolkata, invite Mullahs to give Azan from their Durga Puja Pandals. This is done to publicize the limitless secularism of Bongs. The stupid Bongs, however, do not care to know that the contents of Azan dishonour and negate the existence of their Goddess Durga. The same Bongs will never dare to ask Muslims to play Hindu devotional song from any Masjid.

A news has come from the Tumkur district of Karnataka recently that Muslim owners of Event Management Companies hire Hindu girls from poor families on daily wage basis and force them to wear Hijab and remove Kumkum from forehead. But leading Islamists of India perpetually cry for Muslims being a Dara Hua Qaum in Hindu-majority India. Indian Muslims keep on crying on Gujarat 2002 even after 20 years because of the fact that Gujarat 2002 had made permanent cracks in their cult-based conviction to Islamize India. Besides having branches of Al Qaeda, ISIS and Pakistani and Bangladeshi Islamic terrorist organizations, India has its own home-grown Islamic terrorist groups like SIMI (Students’ Islamic Movement of India) and PFI (Popular Front of India).

SIMI was banned in India for the third time in 2006. In 2022 government of India declare PFI as ‘unlawful organization’ and temporarily banned it for five years under UAPA Act. Without physical, intellectual, financial and logistic supports from Indian Muslims, these multiple Islamic terrorist organizations would not have found any foothold in India. But the Indian Muslims and Left-Secular gang try to divert attention from these Islamic terrorist organizations by raising the bogey of RSS and creating continuous cacophony against it.

Congress has been hand-in-glove with Left-Islamist gang to peddle the fake narrative of Hindu Terror and Saffron Terror to cover-up the malicious activities of dozens of Islamic terrorist organizations in India and Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Digvijay Singh, Sushil Kumar Shinde, P Chidambaram and Kapil Sibal were actively involved in that anti-Hindu propaganda.

Bollywood movies, under the influence of Islamists, disguised as Communists, went on injecting Islamism in Indian society in a very subtle manner over the past decades. Rahim Chacha (the benign and pious old Muslim blind man in ‘Sholey’), Sher Khan (the lovable Pathan criminal in ‘Zanzeer’), blind faith of an atheist Hindu on Islamic Billa No. 786 in ‘Deewar’ are only a few examples. In India the expression of Islamism among Muslims reaches peak when Pakistan wins a cricket match against India. Muslims in thousands of mini-Pakistans, within India, come out in the open, hoist Pakistani Flags, shout Pakistan Zindabad slogan and burn fire crackers to celebrate the loss of India in the hands of Islamic Pakistan.

The voting pattern of Indian Muslims has been very definite since 1952. They look for a party which has best semblance with Muslim League. In Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, they vote for Congress; in Delhi they vote for AAP; in UP they vote for SP; in Bihar they vote for RJD; in West Bengal they vote for TMC; in Maharashtra they vote for NCP and in Kerala they vote for CPM. They don’t vote for national, state or locality’s interest. They vote for only community’s interest. Thus Congress, Communist and most of the regional parties are their best replacements for Muslim League. Indian Muslims could never come out of Muslim League mind-set.

Since a past few years, Indian Muslims have resorted to condemn any criticism of Islam, Muslim or Islamic terrorism as “Hate Speech”. They try to give an impression that they are the victims of hatred from majority Hindu community. But they conveniently forget that their Asmani Kitab has been the original source of violence and hatred towards Kafir for last 1400 years.

From The Calcutta Quran Petition of 1986 to the recent case in the Supreme Court by Wasim Rizvi to declare 26 verses of Quran as unconstitutional and non-functional on the ground that these promote extremism and terrorism and pose a serious threat to the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India, – the picture remains clear on intent of hatred and teaching of violence in the Quran. But Indian Muslims refuse to see these.

India is in cross-road now. Congress, Muslim-centric regional political parties, Communists and Secular Hindus of India have supported the Muslim causes for too long. Indian Muslims also took full advantage of the situation. After 2014, Modi has started to clean the cobweb of undue Islamism in India. Hence so much hue and cry against Modi by Islamist, Congress, Communist, other regional political parties and Secular Hindu group of India and certain Western intellectuals, media, NGOs and academia.

One can understand what is said above, in a better way, simply by following the members of Islamist-Leftist-Secular cabal of India in social media. The names of such members are known to all. The bottom line is, heads I win, tails you lose-attitude with dominating and exclusionist psychology of Indian Muslims, after 1947, has been shaped by Islamic teachings on one hand and unnecessary pampering of the Indian Muslims by Congress, Communist, Secularist and most of the non-BJP regional political parties on the other hand, in the name of fraudulent secularism. This reminds one of the proverbial line spare the rod and spoil the child.

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