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The impossibility of Indian secularism

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When Allah is violently and absolutely intolerant about other Gods, how can Allah’s followers be tolerant and friendly towards the believers of those other Gods? The question gets thousand times magnified when Indian Muslims deal with polytheist Hindus of India. So, there is an urgent need to look at Indian ‘Secularism’ from this premise. The gang of Audrey Truskey, BBC, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Al Jazeera and Rana Ayyub et al conveniently suppresses this Islamic fact while paddling its ‘Breaking India’ agenda.

Following partition of British India in 1947, complete exchange of population between the countries, on the basis of religion, was rejected by the Congress government of independent India. This allowed more than 30 million of Muslims to stay back in India, who were crying Pakistan Ka Matlab Keya, La Ilaha Illallah before 15 August 1947. The Constitution makers of India tried to make a Quantum Leap by not accepting Hinduism as the state religion of independent India and allowing all its citizens, particularly the Pakistan creator Muslims, to practice, preach and propagate their respective religions in India.

During the framing of the Constitution of India, the system of state religion was very much in vogue across the world. There were dozens of Muslim majority countries with Islam as state religion. The latest was the addition of Islamic Pakistan next door. Moreover, the creation of Islamic Pakistan went through a massive blood bath in the Indian sub-continent only a few years back. Thus, Constitution makers of India, by not making Hinduism the state religion of the country, trusted on some wishful assumptions that Indian Muslims would practice religious tolerance in India and would be secular by going against the tenets of Islam.

Objecting to Navratri celebration, attacks on Kaanwariya, stone pelting on religious processions and desecration of Hindu idols and temples by some sections of Muslims have become commonplace in India. The absolute silence of the majority proportion of Muslims and a large section of Hindus about such religious intolerance of Indian Muslims have worsened the situation. The Left-Woke-Congress-Lutyens-Secular cabal finds such development to be post-2014 in origin. The cabal does not say that violence towards non-believers and their worship is ingrained in Islamic teaching.

As per the 1951 census of India, Hindus were 84.1%, Muslims were 9.8%, Christians were 2.3% and Sikhs were 1.9%. In 2022, the proportions have changed to Hindu 77%; Muslim 18%; Christian 2.4%; Sikh 1.7%. The only thing which is discernible in the data set is the sharp decline in proportion of Hindu population and sharp increase in the proportion of Muslim population in India during past seven decades. And this is a matter of real concern. The Islamic problems we face today in India is a function of massive increase in proportion of Muslim population in the country. BJP’s coming to power in 2014 was incidental only.

Among Indian Muslims, about 0.01% are against the Islamic hegemony in India. However, about 20 percent Indian Hindus are staunchly anti-Hindu. This has prompted the rise of Islamic intolerance in India. These 20% Hindus find all the problems with Hindus and Hindutva only. Muslim rule for 550 years and 200 years of British rule have made them perpetual cases of Stockholm Syndrome. Also, Macaulay had damaged their brain permanently and made them a self-loathing lot. This group of Hindus shamelessly cries that Islam is the religion of peace, when a chapter of Quran is titled The Spoils of War and dozens of verses of Quran mandate hatred and violence towards polytheist Kafir.

The Momi-Kafir divide of humans, as well as, absolute contempt for Kafir under Islam is real and followed by the Muslims around the world, generally at mental level and very often at physical level. This is a sign of Arab mental slavery of Indian Muslims too. This is the reason why after a thousand years, Islam remains alien to India. Islam stands anti-theses of everything that Indian civilization stands for. Independent India has been facing the brunt of this civilizational clash for its misplaced secularism.

Structurally Congress and all the so-called secular regional political parties of India are family business, based on competitive sycophancy. And functionally these are younger brothers of Muslim League. The evil Leftist parties are no different functionally. These parties openly side with unreasonable Muslim causes in India, but cry loudly that BJP has been dividing Indians on the basis of religion.

The Casteless Indian Muslims are sharply divided into Ashraf and Pasmanda social groups. While the former claims foreign origin and converts from high caste Hindus, the latter consists of local converts from low caste and untouchable Hindus. Pasmanda is again divided into Ajlaf (low-caste Hindu converts) and Arzal (untouchable Hindu converts). These social classes don’t inter-marry and inter-dine. Ashraf constitutes about 20% of all Indian Muslims. They are economically, socially, politically and educationally privileged and forward, whereas Pasmandas are backward and act as foot soldiers of Ashraf in all types of Islam-driven violent activities in India. But, the backwardness of Pasmanda is due to the socio-economic dominance of Ashraf.

During the recently concluded (5 October, 2022) Hindu Navaratri festival (worship of Mother Goddess), many Muslim boys tried to participate in Gabra by concealing their true identity. This created clashes at many places. Pakistan born UK based barrister Khalid Umar writes, “A Muslim has no moral or religious right to attend any Hindu festival. It is not about secularism. India is secular but Islam can’t be secular. If Islam is secular, then it is not Islam. Quran 2:193 reveals “Fight against them until idolatry is no more”.

From dress code to divorce, Indian Muslims immediately refer to the Quran. Same happens in TV debates or while presenting a case before the Supreme Court on any Islamic cause. If in all matters about life, for an Indian Muslim, Quran is ‘where the buck stops’; why Quran does not matter when it is about entering Hindu sacred celebration in the name of secularism? There are countless ‘Sahih Hadith’ prohibiting Muslims joining the festivals of idolaters. Muslim scholars have called it ‘Haraam’ for Muslims to participate in Hindu festivals.

Reasoning of Indian Muslims can be many like, ‘Takiya’ or lust or Love Jihad but certainly it is not for understanding Hinduism or a social etiquette. They conveniently adopt the makeup to suit the occasion. They are welcome to join the Hindu festivities but first they should reject the ‘Asmani Kitab’ they believe in. Indian Muslims should come back to ‘home’ first before coming to the Hindu Gods.

In the countries where Muslims are in minority, they practice Islam-approved intrusion in the domain of Kafir in a slow and steady manner and destroy it from within. Their trying to participate in Garba is a means to that effect. But no Khalid Umar can make the likes of Shashi Tharoor, Digvijay Singh, Sitaram Yechury, Barkha Dutt and Swara Bhasker et al understand about the inherent filth in the Desert Cult. In the 75th anniversary of our Independence, we have a list of 75 Indian Hindus who were murdered in secular India for being Hindus only [].

Indian Muslims swing between the Quran and Constitution as per their convenience. They don’t have any moral or ethical responsibility towards secularism. Because, the concept of secularism is foreign in Quran, which determines the morality and ethics of Muslims. Thus, secularism is the sole burden of Hindus in India. By making India secular, Hindu leaders of the Constituent Assembly and the Indira Gandhi government of 1976 had pushed a square peg in a round hole. This is the impossibility of Indian secularism.

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