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Beheading of French teacher

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It makes one wonder why France allows radical Islamists a free hand?

How can Radical Islamists mobilise each other on whatsapp and name and shame the teacher? Were they hoping that someone more radical than them will launch such an attack.

France has identified the whatsapp group and it may take action against the people who mobilized the instigators. Is the France Police doing enough to combat Radical Islamism? The French PM has named this is Islamic terror. Why is Europe facing all these terrorism. Last month a Pakistani in France also attacked people. Why do so many lone wolfs from Islam attack citizens. More peace loving Muslims should speak up to name and shame the radicals.

Sure, not all Muslims in France are radicalised, but the french Govt should do a survey or reveal the numbers. Does it estimate 2%, 5% as radicalised people, 10%, 20% or what is the number.

What can the French Government do about the say 5% radicalised people? Will it allow them to keep damaging the good name of Islam or will it take preventive action? What preventive action can it do?

On one side is China which has set up camps to prevent problems due to radicalism. On the other side of the spectrum is Pakistan, where radicalism is encouraged and used as a tool by the army.

Is there a path somewhere in the middle? Who will determine what is the right path? What parameters will be used to make this selection? Saving lives of innocents or allowing innocents to be beheaded like this has happened in France now. How about in Pakistan….the army kills innocents in the name of terrorists. The Pakistani army abducts and kills Baloch people so that it can give their resources to China on a platter.

What needs to be done by Europe and in what amount. Or should they drown forever in future and not take any action and become like the Great Parsis who had to leave their lands from Iran and seek refuge elsewhere.

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