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War of narratives in India and abroad

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The misconceptions about Indian culture, Hinduism and Hindutva have long been spread in the millenials and is being spread continuously as I write this. These misconceptions combined with distorted truth forms the foundations of Western thoughts and actions towards India. Since the western people are partly or wholly unaware about what is actually happening in India and what its past is, their anti- Hindu and anti-India bias is bound to take place.

There are not one but multiple reasons for the above mentioned happenings. The primary is the incorrect explanation of our texts. The western colonizers have interpreted our texts in mostly the Biblical sense and have misrepresented their meanings and defeated their purpose. These incorrect explanations form the basis on which the westerners argue about India. For example there is an ‘eminent’ historian called Audrey Truschkey. She is often unapologetically offended by slight mention of Aurangzeb’s massacres but she regularly eulogizes him. She states and I quote, “Aurangzeb wasn’t really an invader. He was the 4th generation of his family to be born in India and had substantial Rajput blood.” To which a historian called True Indology clarifies that Aurangzeb never considered himself as Hindustani but Turani (Turk). Aurangzeb in fact stated that Hindustanis are idiots. There are many instances where Audrey’s statements are not even backed by citations or facts, but she is countered on her every statement with first-hand evidence from True Indology, till she blocks him. This intolerance seen here is a X factor of the “whatever is left in the ‘left’”. There have been many such instances where TI has been excelling to present facts from first-hand evidences and are often compiled. This encounter with this ‘eminent’ historian is published above.

A video which went viral of her, reeks of her incompetence and delusion, at the same time being intolerant. In this, a passionate Indian man states that after eradicating half the population of the world, their culture, religion and history ‘they’ are bent upon looking into the other natives (Hindus). He passionately goes on to ask if she went through each and every archaeological findings and then came up with the conclusions to which he is booed by the mostly western audience. He is also being pulled continuously by his own friend, who looks like an Indian, himself. (See the video in the link. Given event starts from 1.30).

It is true that between the time, when Columbus reached North America and American Independence, the native population was massacred, and now, we don’t see any Red Indian in America. Official data states that their population have been reduced to 1.6% of the total population of US. Here, certainly, a mirror is shown to her and she responds cunningly, yet laughably. Instead of continuing the discussion, she shamelessly plays the gender card. Since she is a women, she is targeted by ‘Hindu’, ‘Right Wing’, ‘Nationalists’ goons. This, distressingly, is her response to a valid question being asked. She even warned to throw the gentleman out, who wanted an answer for his simple question. His only mistake was his offending way of attack and he didn’t cover his knife with a velvet.

Investigating further, I came across a YouTube channel called “Queer Indian Atheist”. This person goes by the username @AtheistRonnie, on twitter. In the linked video, he is talking to a person called John DelVento, who has no idea of what India is and is just responding unknowingly.

Cut to 16.00 and you will find that Ronnie is comparing Hinduism with Islam and is systematically treating them same. Though to his stupidity, he quotes the Surah-An-Nisa from Quran but fails to quote any of the hymns of the Upanishad from which he claims to find his claim. He also claims to claim his claim from a video whose claims need to be questioned. The video claims to quote a misogynistic quote from every religion. DelVento considered India a nice, happy place and is in praise for the Hindus because they worship goddesses. This to him is new and amazing because the Abrahamic faiths can’t even dare to think of worshipping women. Atheist Ronnie, going forward with his stupidity, misleads the American, who is a celebrity and has quite a big following on twitter and instagram.

The reasons for this anti-Hindu discourse are simple, understandable but to some extent quite complex too. According to me,

  1. Our Dharmashastras are not being taught to us. If the general public would have been educated in them, I won’t even be writing this article.
  2. The “aalasya-pratha” of Government of India, who thinks everything is just okay.
  3. The current millenials who are stuck on extremes where some think that the Mughals were actually our heroes while the others are busy with romanticizing with their self-constructed and quite ‘soothing’ illusions of past memories of Hindu rule.
  4. The general discourse of India being managed by the west. The upper class generally reads and studies about French revolution and American Revolution, which to me is far from any problem. But they act like Nehruvian seculars and when asked about their own Identity, act smart and do not want to be like any of the so called “Saffron Bigots”.
  5. No ‘purvapaksha’ done by the Hindu nationalists who want to counter the current prevelant anti-India narratives with facts. There are some but still they don’t read enough to slightly even understand about the concepts on which to argue upon.

Fundamental changes should be planned and carried out in order to demolish the anti-India narrative. But if these do not happen in the next 5-6 years, it will come as a dead end for cultural unity and prevalent peace in India.

To talk of peace in India, let us go on a different level. The Delhi Riots is a perfect example of how the left works in India, and abroad. During Donald Trump visit when the riots in Delhi started after the so called peaceful agitation of the ‘dadis’ of Shaheen bagh, the liberal media, picked up the story and publicized it under an eye-catching phrase. They termed it as anti-Muslim ‘Pogrom’, by the ‘fascist’ government whose only agenda is a complete massacre of Muslims. This combined with the termed ‘hate speech’ of Kapil Mishra, who is not surprisingly, the member of the fascist BJP, and his “instigation” makes a perfect recipe to publish in the Western media portals. What they seek every time in return is West’s intervention. The gullible people in the west and Arab world, see these manipulative arguments as attack on their religious brethren (ummah) and as a result attack on their religion. Seeing this they make a firm resolve to donate as much as they can, for their religious cause. That accounts to donations being taken in the name of Kashmiri Muslims and in South India, The Church.

The Delhi riot narrative, propped up the Liberal Media outlets, stands completely exposed after the charge sheets filed by the Delhi police in which the conspirator Tahir Hussain admitted that he was unhappy with the CAA, the Ram Mandir and Article 370 abrogation. In his statement, he and his co-conspirators wanted to teach a lesson to Hindus. His colleague, the leader of JNU, and a leftist Umar Khalid has also admitted the same in the charge sheet, filed by the police. Not only this, the Delhi police points to a larger conspiracy and we have to wait till this investigation is complete.

The war going on here is all about narratives. When their anti-India narrative mixes with their partial study of scriptures, this is what comes out as a result. After realizing this we won’t be surprised about the big game continuing unabashedly against the Hindu society as well as the current Indian state. This has reached to its peak even when a “Hindutva” government is in power, whose definition of Hindutva is a power that ‘resists’. Funnily though, what they are doing is resisting themselves.

The amount of money invested in nurturing Breaking India forces is unimaginable. The Christians are funding to Christianise India. The Islamists, from Arab, and even common people, are funding to Islamize India. The left is funding to make India a Marxist or Leninist state or to at least break it up (This is even written in the manifesto of communist party of India). These powers have their own agents in India, who are acting like their subsidiaries inside the Indian borders. They are here to propagate the literature published by the big powers, and to convince the Indian people about the magnanimity of the respective powers and why India should align with them to achieve success. This is nothing but colonization of a higher level, where the ‘converted’, won’t even feel that he is colonized. The only left outs here are the nationalists and the Hindu wing.

To fight this menace, there has to be an opposition and a tough government, to act for the renaissance of Hindu civilization as a whole. But sadly, I don’t see much effort by the government of India who have been voted to power by these nationalists only. The so called ‘fascists’ are enjoying their seat in the power and the Hindu society is left unprotected from the Global Powers, who are exponentially richer and more intelligent than the poor and delusional Hindu society. The delusion is so in crept that after choosing their favourite leader, the Hindu society sleeps, till the next election arrives. Laughably, Indian society is going on a spree (by sleeping) to kill itself.

The Indian youth needs to see through the fake news and propaganda that is being peddled by the left establishment in India. The so-called pogrom theory is debunked in India but it occupies intellectual space in abroad. The mere mention of “horrendous Delhi anti-Muslim pogrom” in that video by Queer Indian Atheist confirms that. Hence, the youth needs to correctly see the facts, analyse them, do a purvapaksha, of it and then come out with the conclusions. Moreover, they need to have a correct education of Indian history as seen from nationalistic lens and not from a Marxist perspective. They need to be exposed to the 1000 year onslaught of Hindus, by the Christians and Muslims and need to understand who were our National Heroes and the sacrifices they went through, throughout the Indian history. They need to go through facts, excavations and formation and debunking of certain racial theories in order to understand a perfect picture of what India was and conclude, how come it became thus. This conclusion will open their mind, and they will be able to see through the levels of untruths being spread. Otherwise if the delusion continues to exist, it has the power and will be able to completely demolish the foundations of Bharatvarsha and resultantly of the present Indian state that India currently is.

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