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5 Cases where True Indology exposed Audrey Truschke

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I’m one out of such thousands of Twitter users who finds @TrueIndology to be the best available source of knowledge regarding India’s History. True Indology leaves no chance of debunking the myths drawn by Hindu-phobics to defame India and her past. As a response, True Indology remains the prime target of Hindu-phobics.

Now the objective of mine behind writing this article is that I realise a fixed pattern followed by the haters of True Indology.

The pattern is that whenever True Indology exposes such Hindu-phobics, they don’t reply to True Indology directly on factual grounds but they keep peddling their agenda and after a course of Time, they start pretending as if True Indology is running away from the debate.

The recent example of what I’m saying is this Tweet of Audrey Truschke:

Just spot the hypocrisy of this lady! True Indology exposed her fraud claims enormous times and as a response, the only thing she did is that she blocked True Indology on her Twitter account. And after blocking True Indology, she keeps posting such tweets which creates a perception that it is True Indology who is running away from the debate.

Now the problem is that people usually forget Tweets over a period of time. So all those Tweets where True Indology put great efforts on exposing Hindu-phobics are forgotten within a short timeframe. So I decided to compile those 5 cases where True Indology has exposed fraud claims of Audrey on Twitter.

Case 1:

Audrey Truschke’s Claim:

Audrey Truschke tweeted on 11th October 2017 (a weekdays before Diwali 2017) that Aurangzeb not imposed restrictions on just Diwali but he even clamped down on Eid, Holi and Muharram.

The motive behind this tweet was, of course, to polish the rude image of Aurangzeb.

She mentioned ‘Eid’ & ‘Muharram’ so that this will leave an impression in people’s mind that Aurangzeb not just imposed restrictions on Hindu festivals but even on Muslim festivals.

True Indology’s Response:

Audrey’s tweets may deceive those who are unaware of History, but obviously, not to someone like True Indology.

To counter Audrey’s tweet, True Indology decided to tweet an entire thread examining Audrey’s claims

Audrey’s tweet names to Muslim festivals on which according to her, Aurangzeb clamped down:

  1. Eid
  2. Muharram

True Indology first countered her “Muharram” claim. He explained that Muharram was targeted by Aurangzeb because it is a SHIA FESTIVAL whereas Aurangzeb was a Sunni bigot. He backed, as usual, his claim with a proper source.

Now comes the turn of Eid:

When it was asked to Audrey by a Twitter user (@inamabidi) that what’s the source of her claim that Aurangzeb imposed restrictions even on Eid, Holi & Muharram, she replied: “see my #Aurangzeb book”.

But this was just another deceiving tactic by Audrey. True Indology exposed even this. Because he has read her book, he clarified that Audrey has not provided any source of her claim in her “Aurangzeb book”.

Next, True Indology provided us with any evidence which proves that Aurangzeb used to celebrate a grand Eid. True Indology provides us with the testimony of Italian traveller, Niccolao Manucci who recorded the grand celebration of Eid held during Aurangzeb’s regime.

True Indology went on to provide us with another source which confirms the celebration of Eid during Aurangzeb’s regime:

True Indology exposed Audrey furthermore. He elucidated that there was no “clamped down” against Eid by Aurangzeb.

True Indology clarified that Aurangzeb only restricted pictures and idols on Eid. He even provided us with a reference to his claim:

And Aurangzeb restricted these pictures and idols because it is well-known that such representation of living beings is unlawful in Islam.


Audrey’s Claim;

Once while replying to a Twitter user, @mcoond , Audrey again did what she is known to do. She, this time tried to craft a “Hindustani image” of Aurangzeb by tweeting that Aurangzeb had substantial Rajput blood.

True Indology’s Response:

But before Audrey’s motive of polishing Aurangzeb’s image was accomplished, True Indology responded to her with hard facts.

True Indology clarified that Aurangzeb never considered himself as Hindustani but Turani. Aurangzeb in fact stated that Hindustanis are idiots.

Case 3:

Audrey on 13th September 2017 tweeted that India was the richest place under Mughals. Then she further said that Mughals nowhere took our wealth.

True Indology’s Response:

First, True Indology responded to the lie that Mughals nowhere took our wealth.

True Indology, with a substantial source, countered Audrey by citing that Aurangzeb sent 70 Lakhs in 6 years to foreign Muslim kings and places.

True Indology then clarified that as far as being “rich” is concerned, it was Mughals who became “rich” after their invasion to India.

True Indology posted a painting which shows horses dying in Mughal camp. And then True Indology sarcastically said ‘This is how “rich” the Mughals were before they came to India’.

Then True Indology explained that how Mughals became so rich.

True Indology provided us evidence that Mughals used to charge heavy tax on subjects.

True Indology then disclosed inhumane character of Shahjahan. He illustrated that when Shahjahan was constructing Taj Mahal using Hindu Tax Money, most of the Hindus could not afford the basic meal and a piece of cloth. As always, True Indology backed his claim with proper source:

Thereafter, True Indology explained with evidence that because of such poor policies, till the end of Mughal era in 1857, India became totally destitute.


If you follow Audrey, then you must be knowing that one argument which is rapidly used by her and even by others is that “Aurangzeb had many Hindu warriors in his army”.

True Indology debunked this absurd argument brilliantly. He said: “150,000 Jews served in Hitler’s army! So, let us conclude that Hitler had no agenda against Jews!”.

Case 5:

The best counter against Audrey’s fraud claims known to me is a combined effort by True Indology and Dimple Atra.

Both of them wrote an article where they examined fraud claims of Audrey and debunked them in great detail. It is a must read article for all those seeking the truth behind Audrey’s false claims.

Here is the link to the article: http://www.dimplehere.com/aurangzeb-iconoclasm-hinduphobia-islamism/

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