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Leftist narrative

Why we should debate on Hindu scripture

It’s very easy to make false statements by twisting the facts but its indeed a very difficult thing to digest the truth about one’s own past.

Left wing exposed: Using basic economics [Chapter 1]

Self proclaimed leftist 'scholars' always try to shame us into thinking that we are inferior to them. Shaming us and our beliefs is considered to be a sign of modernity and intelligence in their so called gentry.

Narrative has changed, will the ground reality change too?

Hindutva forces had been ignored for over a century; we have entered the 2nd phase of fighting now, wherein you see constant battles being fought on a daily basis on some issue or the other; and if we keep on this path, we will surely emerge the winner.

The last days of a moribund ideology

India has never been a fertile ground for the political experiments for Communists and Indian political, social, and economic conditions could have never been utilized by these self-styled socialist groups or parties to their benefit. It is quite difficult to groom a constructive concentrated viewpoint in a multilingual, multiethnic, multi-religious, and traditional society like India, and the war that Communists waged for India ultimately resulted in defeat except for a few victories in some small battles. But ultimately, there is no doubt that socialist ideologies will be buried in the political soil of India, and liberal democrats, centrist democrats, and right-wing democrats will prevail in this nation. The people who still believe in the waning socialist ideology are living in a fetish world and they are the ones who take this country back to the dark ages. Human beings cannot be controlled in their quest to ultimate freedom and the failure of Marxian Socialism is that it viewed human beings as just manageable objects in the revolutions for the success of the ideology. Marxian Socialists failed to understand that when a man is dead, his ideology is dead too.

Hypocrites hiding behind masks of liberalism

Leave alone liberalism, this is not even responsible opposition. It's better to be called a "non-liberal" when unlike you, I'm tolerant enough to co-exist with the mess created in name of liberalism and democracy.

Why Pradeep Chhibber is wrong on all counts

What Chhibber says is my vigilantism is good but yours is bad.

Right to protest of few privileged ones vs. Rights of the unorganized masses

Are the demands made by protesting groups are justified or not? Who are participating in the protest? Are they really farmers? Who are the organizers?

वामपंथ का विषैला रक्त-चरित्र और उसकी विसंगतियाँ

वामपंथी शासन वाले देशों में न्यूनतम लोकतांत्रिक अधिकार भी जनसामान्य को नहीं दिए गए, परंतु दूसरे देशों में इनके पिछलग्गू लोकतांत्रिक मूल्यों की दुहाई देकर जनता को भ्रमित करने की कुचेष्टा करते रहते हैं।

Socialism- Why it grows more in appeal the more it fails: An op ed

You wanna know why the left's lies sell more than the right's rights? The answer is not as convoluted as you think.

सर्वहारा और मोदी

हे वामपंथी लम्पटों! अपने एलीटिज़म से बाहर निकलों, ज़मीनी हक़ीक़त को समझों और काम की बात करों। वर्ना सर्वहारा तो तुम्हारा मार्क्सवादी यूटोपिया कब की नकार ही चुकीं हैं, कहीं ये न हो कि बची कूची मान्यता भी ख़त्म हो जाए और कॉलेज-यूनिवर्सिटी के बाहर कोई श्वान भी ना पूछे।

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