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Narrative has changed, will the ground reality change too?

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Back in 2014, before pressing the button on EVM for the “mass murderer”; the only pray in my mind was that whatever is being propagated about him, should not come true. After a couple of months, when I visited my parents during holidays, my father and I were having a political discussion and he questioned the priorities and mindset of Indian Muslims and I clearly remember replying “This is what neutral and secular people like us were afraid of, that his party people would say and behave this way.”

Why do I mention this incident? To remind myself and everyone else the amount of ignorance we were living in; how strong the ecosystem was and more importantly what happens when people are brought on false history. In the last 8 years, I find my opinions mirroring my father more and more and ashamed of myself for having such a mindset after growing up in such a propaganda filled environment since my birth.

It is a common saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. One thing for which Kashmir Files has to be lauded is it did not tone down the brutality and violence which took place during the 7th exodus of the Kashmiri Hindus and thus, created a powerful imagery in the minds of the people who watched it specially on big screen. Though Kashmir Files made general public aware of what exactly happened with Kashmiri Hindus; but for those who are politically aware, there was nothing in the film which they did not know already – whether it is the open admission of Bitta Karate, stories of betrayal of common Kashmiri Muslims, role of mosques and Islamic scholars in the genocide, shameful whitewashing of Yasin Malik’s crimes and his subsequent patronage by the Left-Liberal intelligentsia and Congress politicians in Lutyens’ circle. All these and much more have been made aware to the people like me in last 8 years who wanted to know the truth.

I always used to wonder why the left leaning academicians try so hard to justify the acts of Islamic terrorists especially in the Kashmir Valley. With Kashmir Files, the answer has become evident. If just one movie has shaken the collective consciousness of the entire nation and has demolished the mountains of lies/propaganda of 32 years, just imagine the outrage when the details of the entire sequence of events would start coming out one by one; be it the role of Abdullahs, or the patronage by the Congress, or the complicity of the entire government machinery.

The question that common Hindu living in Kanyakumari or Bengal or UP or Bihar would ask is how come the entire society and democratic system turned against their brothers and sisters and that if the same can happen to them if they are not vigilant; they would not care whether some Jagmohan was the Governor or not, whether VP Singh government was running in the center with BJP’s outside support, or any other flimsy arguments being used by the lutyens’ gang to shift the blame from the Congress and Islamists to the Hindus and BJP. And the sane politicians in the Congress know this very well and that’s why most of them are keeping quiet or at maximum giving very measured statements on this raging issue.

This is the first time a Hindu issue is getting so much coverage in the mainstream media, not because the mainstream media wants to show this but because they have been left with no choice after the stupendous commercial success of the film and after the endorsements by the top chairs of the country like the Prime Minister, Home Minister, CMs of various Indian states (even the Congress CMs had to arrange special screenings of the film). For last 8 years, we have seen how hard the mainstream media and the entire left leaning cabal (across Bollywood, Bureaucracy, Literary circle, Academic circle, Judiciary and others) had tried to peddle the narrative of “Dara Hua Musalman”, Minority in danger, Lynchistan, Intolerance, etc etc. Though the Indian voters did not buy the narrative but it was not for the lack of trying. Now, with just one stroke, the entire narrative has come crashing down. Talk about “Sau Sunar ki, ek Lohar ki”.

If we want to be naïve, we can chose to be but there is no denying the hand of Narendra Modi and his ecosystem in this entire Kashmir Files episode. If we study the sequence of events carefully, we would be compelled to appreciate the modus operandi of the Supreme Leader and slowly clap our hands together to acknowledge how he demolished the entire narrative with just one stroke of brilliance. Common citizens are sponsoring each other so that the truth can reach to the maximum number of people. Those people who have not watched a single movie in theatre in their entire life are lining up to watch this movie in the heartlands of rural India. People are travelling hundreds of kilometers to see this movie. This was unfathomable 8 years back. Imagine if this movie had come 7-8 years back, it would have not achieved all that it has achieved today. This is what Narendra Modi has changed in last 8 years. HE HAS CHANGED THE NARRATIVE whilst the many of us were questioning him for his commitment towards the Hindutva cause.

We can go on and on about how reactions to the Kashmir Files is exposing the mindset of every single person around us but that would not achieve much. Instead what we need to look at is the reaction of common Muslims across the country. Majority have outrightly rejected the movie as propaganda, majority have denied the exodus of Kashmiri Hindus, and almost on one has apologized for the atrocities committed in the name of their religion. Compared this to the reaction of many ignorant Hindus, like I was before 2014, after a few random cases of lynchings, or after a thief was beaten up in the temple.

Just take a moment to grasp the level of conditioning that a common Muslim has been subjected to that even the atrocities of such kind have not been able to shake their consciousness. This is what scares the Hindus. One thing which Narendra Modi has done for a common Indian like me is to give us the power to utter the truth. Before 2014, we neither wanted to say the truth nor were ready to hear the same. Given this newfound confidence, “Woke Hindus” (pun intended) have started questioning whether India’s demographic change and their subsequent fate (Pakistan and Bangladesh) is an inevitable reality or there is still some chance to change the mindset of 200-300 million people? The answer to this question will decide whether the narrative change yields any tangible results or not.

Some of the recent incidents like that of hoisting flags on clock towers, reaction to Bengal post poll violence, introduction of Sanatani epics and texts, and many others give hope that Hindus have indeed woken up. This change is not limited to only the regime change but points towards the beginning of the revival of the oldest surviving civilization on the planet earth. Reaction to all these incidents, or rather the lack of it, by the Islamists give hope that though it will be a long battle but we can change the mindset of those who have strayed towards the wrong path. Most of the people, whether Hindus or Muslims, want to live life without political interference (this is one of the prime reason as to why despite being subjected to so many attacks, invasions and slavery, the Islamists and missionaries could not convert majority of the Indians). Though Indian Muslims have changed their religion, their cultural values and mindset remain rooted to this pious land.

I have a feeling that the last nail in the Islamists’ agenda of Ghazwa-e-Hind would be the annihilation of Pakistan in its present form as that is the powerhouse of their ideological win. If they can carve out Pakistan and Bangladesh from “Akhand Bharat” then they still have hope to continue fighting despite strong Hindutva governments taking over the reins in different parts of India. So if and when Narendra Modi or any other leader, dismantles Pakistan, it will be a fatal blow to the Islamists’ agenda and would break their back into submission.

But for that to happen, we need to be vigilant and assertive in our commitment towards Hindutva. We cannot take our foot off the paddle. If we keep at it, we can be sure of a constant supply of leaders like Narendra Modi, Yogi Adityanath, Himanta Biswa Sharma, Tejaswi Surya because in a democracy, we get the leaders we deserve because ultimately they are chosen by the people.

Remember the golden saying “First they ignore you, then they fight you and then you win”. Hindutva forces had been ignored for over a century; we have entered the 2nd phase of fighting now, wherein you see constant battles being fought on a daily basis on some issue or the other; and if we keep on this path, we will surely emerge the winner. We have to because Hindutva is the only force which can wipe out this menace of Islamist terror and violence.

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