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Left wing exposed: Using basic economics [Chapter 1]

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This article contains basic logic and simple principles of Economics and other branches of study. I hope you get the point.

Self proclaimed leftist ‘scholars’ always try to shame us into thinking that we are inferior to them. Shaming us and our beliefs is considered to be a sign of modernity and intelligence in their so called gentry.

They try to peddle their lies and portray our way of life in a bad light. Without further ado, let us expose some of their malicious plots and elaborate lies.

Chapter 1: Leftists and the temples

Temples, shrines and pilgrimage sites constitute an integral part of our way of life. They (pseudo intellectuals) shame us into thinking that these practises are discriminatory and superstitious.

Such practices are not superstitious. These practices contribute to our economy. Let me explain:

Many materials are used in practices like Abhishek, Yagya etc. If the so called reformers say that temples are discriminatory, then two cases arise: either all the materials used for the said practices are produced by certain communities only OR the materials are produced by people, all of which do not belong to the specific communities. In the latter case, there is no discrimination. In the former case, the said practises simultaneously benefit the specific communities as it is assumed (within the meaning of this case) that only those communities deal in the necessary materials. A single practice (e.g. Yagya) demands several types of materials like firewood, ghee, kalawa (sacred thread), jaggery, specific attire, amber, raisin, fruits, flowers, spices (for meals) etc.

The communities which deal in the said materials are directly benefitted. E.g.: Weavers are benefitted as Yagya demands specific attire.

Also, in the ancient times, the excess, unused material (surplus) produced by the said professionals was then exported. This brought foreign capital. This foreign capital could then be used for purchasing the commodities, assets and resources not readily available in the kingdom (weapons, mercenaries, salt (available in coastal kingdoms/kingdoms with salt lakes) etc)

Many countries practise a similar strategy. Modern day example is UAE. It sells petroleum related products, gets the money and imports/develops the required technology/infrastructure.

The foreign capital could also be used to pay labours, carry out construction projects, fund the army and other useful purposes. This is a good example of how production and manufacturing create employment and attract foreign capital. Another example of a huge producer and exporter is modern day China.

Similarly, construction of magnificent temples employed many porters, masons etc. Also, due to temples, many towns like Thanjavur developed and flourished. Many professionals like sculptors, lodging providers (lodge is also called sarai), garland sellers etc also settled in the vicinity and earned money by selling their goods and services to the tourists and the devotees. Also, more temples were (and are) tantamount to more production and hence, more exports and employment (as explained above)

Also, many temples run charitable hospitals and food for all programmes.

There is evidence of how the ancient Indian goods produced was exported and paid for in pieces of gold and silver. They (the pieces of gold and silver) were then used to import necessary, unavailable resources, funding the army and carrying out massive projects of public welfare.

The Europeans shamed us and discouraged us from indulging in the aforementioned practises by terming them superstitious and hoax. This dwindled the production and the economy by spoiling this source of income. Due to this, the armies of the princely States and kingdoms were not well funded. As seen in the case of recent war between Russia and Ukraine, finance is very important to be able to garner support, fight and import the required weapons, medicines, food, supplies and technology.

To win the Battle of Plassey (1757), the British bribed Nagar Seth Omichand and disrupted the finances. Due to which, the Nawab Siraj Ud Daulah’s army was not well funded. Also, it is interesting that the British set up their factories and attacked the kingdom where there were low chances of presence of big temples and pilgrimage sites.

Also, there are some self proclaimed scholars who claim that the temples are not inclusive due to restricted/limited access. They don’t know that our way of life has the concept of different types of energies.

Menstruating women are not allowed to go to particular temples because such energy can harm their organs. Many temples of the said kind have either a brahmachari (celibate) deity or implied evidences of traces of radiation/other substances known to affect the female anatomy, have been found inside/near such temples (through local folklore, elderly, legends etc)

Also, many temples have a large number of stairs/tough and lengthy route and climbing the stairs/taking the said route regularly can cause hormonal imbalance. It is a well known fact that many female athletes and hard working women suffer from hormonal imbalance and conditions like female athlete triad.

(Read more about Female Athlete Triad :

The leftists regularly target us by flaunting their slave mentality (European half knowledge/malicious intent) or by using idiotic statements like “religion is the opium of masses”.

They always try to divide us by quoting their half knowledge and distorted notion of equality.

In a nutshell, contextual validity shall not be perceived as a threat to inclusion and the so called leftist reformers shall be stopped from destroying the diversity and the beauty of our religion and then lecturing us on diversity and inclusion.


(a) Many military areas have restricted access. It is not due to discrimination. It is due to rules, laws and policies made due to contextual validity.

(b) Many substances like tobacco etc have restricted access. It’s not due to discrimination. It’s owing to the fact that the substances are extremely injurious to health. Especially, to the health of minors.

In simple words, we shall understand our way of life and thwart the attempt of leftist and other schools of thought to use our way of life as their tool. Their divide and rule tactic is now of no use.

Note: Due to huge size of this post, this post is divided into several chapters. Chapter 2 (and subsequent chapters) will be released soon. Stay tuned!

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