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Hindus ashamed of Hindu rituals

What Hindus have to face daily

It is hard to overcome and stand your ground when people around you pose these challenges and look down on you. But, where there is a will there is a way.

The dangerous emerging trend: A time to rediscover our Indic identity

The only way we can achieve the glory of our heritage status is through the rediscovering and restoration of our religious believes, culture, ethics, values and ethos of our heritage nation.

The blind spot of Hindus now– Guruparampara and jailed Gurus

The present day problem in India is not between Hindus vs rest or anti – Hindu forces. It is difference between Neo-hindus or superficial Hindus vs practising Hindus. Nearly 1000 years of infiltration of crude and violent and cunning civilizations have slowly taken  Hindus away from its deep traditions. Systemically they have alienated Hindus from its two principal source- Gurus and Gurukul system. In India and south east Asia, they copycat Gurukul to Madras and it has flourished thousand-fold. In India there are very few Gurukuls are actually running now. When the Britishers came, Indian education was gurukul based primarily.That is out traditions survived thousand years.  Western indoctrination, Bollywood Brainwashing has created the hybrid Hindus who see their own deep-rooted rituals with doubt and low esteem.

Left wing exposed: Using basic economics [Chapter 1]

Self proclaimed leftist 'scholars' always try to shame us into thinking that we are inferior to them. Shaming us and our beliefs is considered to be a sign of modernity and intelligence in their so called gentry.

How the Hindu youth’s failure to retain their religious identity is contributing to increased Hinduphobia

indu youth has not been successful in retaining their identity. And probably that’s one of those many reasons why Hinduphobic behavior has now-a-days become a growing concern.

What is Hindu advocacy and activism

It is time we stand up and defend pro-Hindu causes and policies. It’s time we stand up and speak for those Hindus who won’t or can’t speak for themselves due to fear of public ridicule and backlash, discrimination, job loss, the destruction of temples, assault and death.

Why many Indian Hindus are openly anti-Hindu

Hindu kids in India, barring a few exceptions, grow up without any such indoctrination. Religion remains as an unimportant appendage in their growing age. Hindu community in general and familial elders in particular also remains non-engaged with their kids in the question of Hinduism, its philosophy and teachings.

My Wallet, My Choice.

Let us decide this Deepawali that no one rides rough over our sentiments and feelings anymore. If you want our money, do as we wish. But, if you do not respect us, we do not patronize you. Period.

हिन्दूओ के दुर्गति का असली कारण

आज हम पूरे विश्व में चाहे वो बांग्लादेश हो या पाकिस्तान कश्मीर हो या बंगाल/केरल हिन्दूओ को नरसंहार किया जा रहा हैं हमारे मंदिर को जलाया जा रहा हैं तो इसके पीछे का मुख्य कारण हम हिन्दूओ में एकता न होना हैं।

दसे दशहरा, बीसे दिवाली, छऊवे छठ

दशहरा हमारे सनातन धर्म में यानि  हिन्दू धर्म के लोगों का एक अत्यन्त महत्वपूर्ण त्यौहार है।

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