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Krishna Kumar

Writes about Indian History with context and analysis. Focus: British occupation period of India. Author: Rapid Reads-India and Investigating Indian History series. Available now : 1942-When the British Rule in India was Threatened Coming Next : Ten Months to freedom Also writes a newsletter.Free Subscription.

How Savarkar saved Indian army

Remembering the call given by him in his birthday celebrations in 1939 to Hinduize the Military and its implications.

A brief history of Mughals and British

There is a widespread claim that the British took over governing India from the Mughals. This is not correct. The British took over most of India by force, by trickery, vile and devious methods from Hindu Kingdoms, largely Marathas.

Why reconstruction of Gyanvapi Mandir was not possible before 1778-1780

Here are various truths based on historical events associated with Gyanvapi Mandir.

Netaji statue, a well-deserved, belated recognition

Putting up a granite statue in place of where George V once stood (unbelievably till 1968) is a considerable step in recognition of the role of Netaji Subash Bose in the fight for freedom of India. Thank you, Modiji.

Are tombs the symbols for modern India?

Why do foreigners have understood Humayun Tomb and Taj Mahal to be India’s glorious monuments and why not Hampi or Single rock-cut temple of Kailashnatha?

My Wallet, My Choice.

Let us decide this Deepawali that no one rides rough over our sentiments and feelings anymore. If you want our money, do as we wish. But, if you do not respect us, we do not patronize you. Period.

We need correctly named institutions and identifiers

Every society recognizes its hero’s and inspiring leaders. In addition, it celebrates its achievers and its heritage. So it's time India recognizes its glorious inheritance and contributors.

Letter from Shivaji to Aurangzeb on Jiziya

Jizya was not the only tax that Hindus had to pay. Most Oppressive was KHARAJ, which could take away up to 66% of earnings. It was a significant tax right from Akbar's time.

Allopathy Vs. Ayurveda- The debate

Suffering from political suppression, burning of books, destruction of colleges, and slaughter of its practitioners, Ayurveda still survives a miracle and testament to the effectiveness of its medication in disease prevention and control.

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