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The blind spot of Hindus now– Guruparampara and jailed Gurus

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The present day problem in India is not between Hindus vs rest or anti – Hindu forces. It is difference between Neo-hindus or superficial Hindus vs practising Hindus. Nearly 1000 years of infiltration of crude and violent and cunning civilizations have slowly taken Hindus away from its deep traditions. Systemically they have alienated Hindus from its two principal source- Gurus and Gurukul system. In India and south east Asia, they copycat Gurukul to Madras and it has flourished thousand-fold. In India there are very few Gurukuls are actually running now. When the Britishers came, Indian education was gurukul based primarily.That is out traditions survived thousand years.  Western indoctrination, Bollywood Brainwashing has created the hybrid Hindus who see their own deep-rooted rituals with doubt and low esteem.

I have been following Indian and Hindu news very closely from many years, I can say that Hindus have been falling and losing the ground the day Late Jagadguru Shankaracharya was arrested and no major Hindu organisation supported him. Many so called Hindu leaders just watched the news and enjoyed it. They fail to observe collective responsibility as Hindus which is our principle in our Dharma – to support our Gurus who are custodians of Shastra and truth. In recent times this has started by the arrest of revered Sri Jayendra Saraswoti. In yester years, those esteemed post of Jagadguru were out of purview of public law. 

The breaking India forces, communist – Christian – Jihadi nexus were highly encouraged after this. They went after Asharam Bapuji next. Hindus watched the show – glued in TV believing the media – which is one of the main problem in Modern India. The most corrupted media in the world – can be safely crowned to Indian media unfortunately. People enjoyed the news, very very few religious and spiritual leaders supported him.

Paramahansa Nithyanada came  open to  support him in national TV and giving press release and meets. Unfortunately, anti– Hindu government headed by Sonia and media conspirators threw opium of sex crime and made the general Hindu public sentiment against Asharam Bapuji. This has been the watershed moment of Indian Spiritual  political scenario. Hindus started hating their gurus and were thus more alienated from Hinduism. Many movies were made, and anti -Hindu conversion were made rampant during this time. And then they went to Sant Rampal and Gurmeet Ram Rahim– with same charge – rape charge of yester years, with heavy media insult and, Government forced to take actions – and subsequent jail terms. Same tactics was used in very rapidly growing young guru – Sri Paramahansa Nithyananda in 2010. General Hindu people watched this news as if they were watching movie and news. Even great Hindu leaders and Gurus did the same – watched the destruction of great Hindu – guru -ecoysytem with popcorn in their hand in front of TV set. They didn’t realise that they are in same ship which the anti -hindu forces were making holes in it , and they are just oblivious of it. They never even doubted this news of Media who is their greatest Enemy which is still in grip of Urban naxals, anti- Hindu forces who are easily brought by anti – Hindu forces.

People were so much fooled- they use the same technique. It was toolkit. First bring media news of rape charge from past years which can’t be refuted or proven wither way. But blare news from Media day and night and have one way debate. Create public anger and disgust. Run media trial. Play victimhood. Hindu start bashing their Guru and Guruparampara. Now stage is ready, take action. Everyone will clap. Good action by Government. This toolkit was successfully used on many Hindu  gurus in India. But actual culprits of this sex heinous crime in other so called religions has never been even investigated much, far way from prosecuting them. Because remember, its only awakened Hindu Brahmachari do this– right as per toolkit and media! Lack of knowledge of this toolkit by general Hindu– is the greatest tragedy of the modern India. Even great Hindu politicians and religious leaders have fallen victim of this toolkit still now. Are you one the victim of this toolkit? Chances are you are.

The BJP workers, the general Hindu leaders and spiritual teachers of Hinduism are suddenly pained and troubled by recent decision and actions of BJP government in Gyanwapi case and Nupur Sharma issue. But one way I look the whole thing is, it is a collective Karama of our inaction and indifference– to the untruthful and adharmic prosecutuin of our revered Gurus.  Its one thing to book and jail the criminals, but it is completely against all ethics and Dharma – to put great revered Hindu leaders in Jail by false and fabricated case. I am not sad to see that current sold media has no respect to Hindu Gurus. I am sad to see that even Hindu– awakened Journalist and youtube personality like Sanjay Dixit, Sandeep Deo, Satya Sanatan, Neeraj Atri, Sham Sharma, Ajit Bharti, Manish Thakur, Opindia etc either don’t know this fact like other Hindus or even ignore when other side try to get help, they don’t even listen like how Jihadi or anti–Hindu don’t listen their side of argument. Hindus have always taken side  not only of tolerance, but also of dharma and truth. That’s what is Hindu Dharma is all about. Final truth of the whole apparent existence. Neo-Hindus not only have  given up rituals and deep rooted traditions, they have slowly been rejecting Guru Paramapara which is backbone of our culture.

By all their facets and behaviour, BJP’S most leaders have nothing to do with Guru Parampara, Gurukul and ancient traditions, dieties and rituals. They just want Hindu name and Yoga and meditation , and food and festivals – that’s what they want to identify it. It is okay , but we need to have basic knowledge of our authentic traditions and ancestors and civilization which has given so much to the World. If you can’t do all Hindu authentic rituals and traditions, its completely okay, but we have to have a system where we revere Guru and ecosystem who are preserving and honouring them. But in last few years, we are showcasing charismatic and English speaking  teachers like Sadguru and Sri Sri Ravishankar as our Gurus to the world. I don’t have disrespect for them, they may have their place for certain people, but that doesn’t mean we have to put more authentic Hindu Gurus who are rooted in the Hindu lineage and Guru parampara in Jail and make then run from Country. It will be shock to grieving Hindus to read this, but Hindus are reaping the karma, or fruit of not supported their Gurus when they needed it.

This is one of the prime causes of present day Hindu’s fate. Lack of collective consciousness and lack of Unity are one and same.  Why should I involve when certain Guru is attacked, why should I involve, when Hindus in Bengal region are killed? We not speaking for our collective Hindu faith and traditions is our greatest failure as Hindus. I saw this one blind spot in Indian leaders. Hindus are travelling in a big ship , where the anti – Hindu forces are digging one after another hole, and remaining Hindus are still  thinking why should they bother. This is a tragic story of India and Hinduism now. In a way, I can say that revered Yati Narshimand Saraswoti has been warning things from last many years in similar way. Other than very few guru who are languishing in Jail or driven outside, He is the only Hindu Guru on which Hindu leadership can completely trust. I wish personality like him should be declared supreme leader of Hinduism. His clarity on saving Hinduism, understanding anti – Hindu forces is crystal clear.

I have also found many new Hindu leaders like Sanjay Dixit and Shankar Sharan ji, Neeraj Atri  are educationg and leading the Hindu mass which is laudable. India needs enlightened Guru to guide this mass of one Billion people, of many sects and traditions. India needs to know, if they believe in the words of Geeta and many scriptures, the Enlightened Guru or Avatar guides this Sanatana land in time of despair and mass suffering, ignorance and Adharma. You can easily see, the 2010 – 2040 is very crucial phase for India, Hindusim and the world. We just witnessed crippling pandemic of two years. War is ravaging  Europe. Very soon it is likely, war will spill in Asia and world. And here in India, where Hindus are waking up from slumber, the greatest threat to its very existence like in Shivaji Maharaj’s time has come in front of our eyes. In this crucial tumultuous time, in this once a Millinium scenario, we can  expect that Enlightened Guru or Avatar has to guide us.

If you have really practiced, read our scriptures and traditions, you know that concept is the very foundation of our Hinduism. Its very logical that in such of crisis time, we need to have Avatar to guide us. We are all praying to save truth and our traditions. How come our Gods like Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, or great Devi’s not come to help us in this time of need. You might have this question. The good news is that they are here. Sad news is that you are instead worshiping – Modi, Salman, Akshay, Taimur, and have very low opinion on the real Gurus. Great avatars do not always come with declarations from Sky.

Even in Lord Krishna’s time, more than 90 percent people were not aware of his Avatarhood. People only started knowing about his Avatarhood much later stages of their life. Avatar don’t do magic all the time. For every time and climate, they have their own agenda, choices and mannerism of how they will come, react and mix with people. For neo -Hindus who has made a distance from real Hindusim, they have allergy to the very work called Guru- thanks to Media and Bollywood. I see discussion on topics on Kalki Avatar. I want Hindus and Indian mass to know that such Avatars are already among us. Not just one, but few. But where is the space and respect for them.

At least in time of Krishna many people were already respecting him miracle boy, man with special powers or something deeper etc etc. Now even if one declare such, we have gone to the stage of the Jews who will prosecute even if someone is claimed such. When has this dejection of Gurus come to Hindus? Avatarhood and Guruhood is the backbone of Gurus. Without it, it is just a religion of books. Our tradition is always a living traditions where continuously Gurus walked the land and sanctify the time and place and guide the mass as per the need of time.

We can just remember few of them– Adi Shankarachara, Maharshi Raman and Mahesh Yogi, Sri Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, Sri Rama Krishna etc etc in recent times. If there is no Avatar among us in this dire need of Hinduism, then we  can question the authenticity of whole Hinduism and its scriptures and truth it proclaims. It is very possible, because of our increasing populations, we have more than one incarnation among us. If India has to be saved and guided properly without wasting much time, and causing suffering to its people, there is no choice but to seek the guidance of these enlightened Master. I am sure by now, we will all believe that Avatar’s knowledge , insight and clarity is not less than God. Avatar is the statement of God in Hinduism.

God is state of Avatar. Avatar’s brain or wisdom, power and clarity – is more than billion times multiplied by summation of all brains of all so called wise people in any land at anytime and space. Avatar is very fabric of cosmos, Avatar brain hold the the mystery of the Universe. He is the very foundation of creation and sustenance. He is the very engineer of all delusions or maya around us – the multilayered complex which we call our life of myriad complexities and struggle around it. Avatar’s logic penetrates all strata of Universe and knowledge and information that has ever happened in this Universe. An avatar plays with time- past present and future like you and I play with clay and toys. For this reason, he is compelled to hide himself from public. He creates a cloud of blur around him, often creates a negative story about himself so that general people who like gossip cannot even come near him. Fools deride me– Lord Krishna says in Gita. But, in this need of hour, it is duty of Hindu leaders to seek him and take counsel from him.

A leader without Guru -counsel – is example of India now. Fatal and suicidal mistakes in policy and practices. It doesn’t matter you may be honest person, trying to be good person, but if you don’t have support of awakened Gurus, then likely you will be guided by deluded people, sleeping mass, or confused people, weak people, cunning people and cowards. There are only these two options. Awakened vs deluded one to guide us.

You may be hard working, even good person, but when we are dealing with great country with great civilization and complexities like India, you need awakened wise counsellor and Guidance. In ancient Hindu kingdoms, they had Guru to guide them. But, now we not just see the need to have one, but we openly make distance with  them, disrespect them, prosecute them with false cases, put them into jail or make situation where they have to flee country. If such is the state our our land, then how can we expect Dharmic decisions and actions. It is time we Hindus take a collective responsibly of each other, and most importantly respect, preserve and revere – Shastras, enlightened Gurus, Guru parampara, Gurukul system and  temples. We need to simultaneously work on these fonts to bring back Hinduism to its full glory again.

 And there is no need to despair, when we already have Avatar now amongst us. Past history of a Hindu has always has been consistently same.  This is the story of a Hindu – the word as per Hindu scripture means awakened one, who has won over ignorance,  fear and delusions.  It is not the word given to us from outside. Let us assume a Hindu boy is born in ancient India. Things happen in his life, he starts seeking, and ultimately reach to that stage – where he now needs to really have a breakthrough, he is not content anymore with his knowledge, or bookish information, he is  still deluded and suffering, in fact more. He now goes onto his ultimate spiritual quest- finding an Enlighted Guru who has key to his liberation.

His whole story starts from that walk and the search for his Master. His fifty percent story is that only– his quest for that Guru who can hold his hand and guide him to the ultimate. And once he finds that Guru– that is the climax. Rest is story of finishing the house of enlightment. This is the story of ancient Bharat. This should be the path Bharat should adopt now, at least by its minimum critical number of its leaders and people.  

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