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Dying Hinduism

The cabal against Modi and Hindu India

in the name of secularism and minority rights, equal rights and practices are denied to Hindus especially in the areas of welfare, education and religious administration.

The blind spot of Hindus now– Guruparampara and jailed Gurus

The present day problem in India is not between Hindus vs rest or anti – Hindu forces. It is difference between Neo-hindus or superficial Hindus vs practising Hindus. Nearly 1000 years of infiltration of crude and violent and cunning civilizations have slowly taken  Hindus away from its deep traditions. Systemically they have alienated Hindus from its two principal source- Gurus and Gurukul system. In India and south east Asia, they copycat Gurukul to Madras and it has flourished thousand-fold. In India there are very few Gurukuls are actually running now. When the Britishers came, Indian education was gurukul based primarily.That is out traditions survived thousand years.  Western indoctrination, Bollywood Brainwashing has created the hybrid Hindus who see their own deep-rooted rituals with doubt and low esteem.

Social Darwinism v/s humanity: What must you choose?

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj didn't choose to become 'being human' kind of human. He took his sword and quenched it's thirst by the blood of Islamists and hoisted the Jeet Ka Bhagwa.

Hindu survival: What is needed to be done?

Needless to say, that if there is any culture that can bring compassion, tolerance, peace, and harmony to the humanity its only great Hindu civilization but how many real Hindus are left?

आख़िर कहाँ और कितना बाकी है हिंदू?

स्वयं चिंतन ,स्वयं संगठन , स्वयं क्रिया , स्वयं पुरुषार्थ , तथ्यों से आगे कर्मबोध तक जाना है अन्यथा हिंदुओं की लुटिया खुद हिंदुओं को ही समयचक्र में पुनः पुनः डूबना है ।

Most afraid community- who are labelled as ‘the saffron terrorist’

As a citizen of India, we all consider Hindu being the majority community within the nation will not be afraid of anything but that’s not true, certainly, we are the most afraid community in the region and even in India.

Hindu temples and associated museums

Hindu temples for generations before have been a beacon for development, cultural preservation and a socio-economic safety net for the Hindu society all the while being sacred places of worship. It is high time we reclaimed the temples and restored them to the status of such civilisational monuments.

Why Ram Mandir

generation or two, Bharatiyas have resisted, sacrificed and survived one invasion after another. The reclaiming of this ancient site and building a grand temple is a civilization accepting the challenge of the competing invasive cultures and declaring in one voice that we are here to stay.

संस्कृति के अस्तित्व का संघर्ष और सनातन की तैयारी

दीपावली से रक्षा बंधन तक सनातन संस्कृति के समस्त पर्व निशाने पर हैं।सनातन संकृति आज अपनी उद्भव भूमि पर ही अपने अस्तित्व के लिए संघर्ष कर रही है।

ठग लेंगे, ठग लेंगे, पण्डे ठग लेंगे – क्या सच में?

तथाकथित उदारवादियों और वामपंथियों ने अत्यंत सूक्ष्मता से हम सनातन लोगों के मानस में उस प्रत्येक व्यक्ति, प्रक्रिया, स्थान, विचार, संस्कार, परंपरा के प्रति अनासक्ति उत्पन्न की है जो हमें हमारी पहचान या मूल से जोड़ता है. हमें अपने अस्तित्व के प्रति आस्थावान बनाता है.

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