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Social Darwinism v/s humanity: What must you choose?

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We all have studied the Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution which says that evolution occurs by natural selection. Based on it the same kind of theory was proposed by Herbert Spencer on the life/ survival of humans which is usually expressed as ‘Survival of Fittest’ and this theory known as Social Darwinism. If you are a ‘ being human’ kind of human then you will completely deny it but to think for a moment ain’t this theory is rulling the world ?

For instance take Afganistan. Taliban is killing the people in Afghanistan and it is gonna take over the Afganistan Government after some times. How can you stop this? Would you go and request Taliban to not to do such things because it is against the humanity which you are the saviour of? No, and you shouldn’t because you are smart and you know who was Dannish Siddiqui. Despite of existence of UNSC and many powerful countries Taliban is doing such things because it has power to do so. Where are the saviour of humanity now?

Same goes in India. Jihadi killed, raped and kicked out the Kashmiri Hindus. What have hindus done in retaliation? Literally nothing except condemning it.

Hindus are brutally murdered in West Bengal in post poll violence and this genocide still continues. What are you doing? Kamlesh Tiwari, Chandan Sharma, Rinku Sharma, Nikita Tomar like many Hindu were brutally killed. But what have we done for them? Literally nothing.

If we go back in 17th century we see India was ruled by jihadists like Mughalshahi, Qutabshahi, Aadilshahi etc. They didn’t loose any single chance to destroy Hindu, their culture and their matribhumi. But Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj didn’t choose to become ‘being human’ kind of human. He took his sword and quenched it’s thirst by the blood of Islamists and hoisted the Jeet Ka Bhagwa.

So choose wisely. Social Darwinism or Humanity?

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