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The cabal against Modi and Hindu India

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India had started her own journey in 2014 as a proud civilizational nation with at least 5000 years of rich and glorious Hindu heritage. It is this heritage that has made Bharat a truly liberal and welcoming place for people of all creed and religion. It is the magnanimity of the Bharatiyas that allowed Muslims to continue in Bharat even after the bloodsheds of the partition and creation of separate Muslim states.

Even then, in the name of secularism and minority rights, equal rights and practices are denied to Hindus especially in the areas of welfare, education and religious administration. When such legitimate demands are made, the left-liberal Indian media like the Hindu, the Wire, the Caravan, the Scroll and the NDTV and western media eg the New York times, the Washington Post, the Economist get their heckles raised and start blaming the protesting people, the RSS, the BJP and the incumbent govt. of fascism, majoritarianism, anti-secularism, authoritarianism and certainly of Hindutvavadi, as if raising rightful demands of Hindus is a crime. In fact the famous ISRO scientist, Nambi Narayanan, who was wrongly accused of involvement in espionage but later exonerated, while asked about  his portrayal as a Hindu in his biopic ‘Rocketry: The Nambi Effect’, exasperatedly said ‘Is it a crime to be a Hindu?’.

Why the cabal is against Modi & Hindu India? In this article carried in OpIndia on 17 July 2022 written by Dr Jadabeswar Bhattacharjee, the author very aptly explains and summarizes this phenomenon of intense hatred. He writes: It is the fear of rise of Hindu India, as a global power after 2014, that has disturbed the sleep of all these members of the cabal. Since 2014, India has refused to live with British colonial hangover, political pressure of USA, economic and territorial dictums of China and religious dominance of Islamist Ummah (India has second largest Muslim population). In the propaganda war against Modi and Hindu India, the members of Left-Liberal-Islamist cabal (Indian and international) are working overtime as foot soldiers of USA, China, Europe and Ummah.

For example, take the three bizarre articles published in the Hindu, a prominent member of this cabal, on the 18th July. On that day India covered 200 crores of vaccine doses (highest in the world by a wide margin), Yet the Hindu thought it absolutely necessary to sound despondent instead of celebrating India’s achievement. The Hindu also willfully misrepresented what Kishan Reddy had said about #HarGharTiranga program. It all reveal the ludicrous, ridiculous and hateful bent of mind the management of the Hindu publication has towards  anything to do with Hindutva   and by association the PM Modi and his govt.

Another very active member of the cabal is the social media giant, Twitter. While most of the filing by Elon Musk and the response by Twitter focused on Musk’s foremost reason to back out from the deal – Musk saying that Twitter failed to disclose the number of spam accounts and bots that infest Twitter – there was a portion where Elon Musk had also taken umbrage to the big-tech company picking a battle with the Indian government.

In this connection, to gauge the extent of hatred of this cabal, we may see how for the media and the activists tried to whitewash the Godhra carnage. The event was almost justified; which means that these men, women, and children  were deservedly  burnt simply because they were Hindus and because they chanted Jai Shree Ram. The propagandists tried their level best to paint the incident differently to save the murderous Muslim mob from facing any criticism from the public. In fact, if they had succeeded in their propaganda, India would have completely forgotten what had happened in Godhra on February 27, 2002.

Gujarat riots were the most fertile ground for NGOs and alleged human rights activists belonging to this cabal to get fame and money for themselves.This is amply borne out in recent Supreme Court observations on Teesta Setalvad.

This cabal must be fought politically. Unfortunately, most Hindus are apolitical and passive. So are its social groups. It is time,  all such people organize themselves and assert their rights to protect their tradition, heritage and much maligned identity.

The writer is a long- standing commentator on economic and political issues.

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