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minority appeasement is Indian Secularism

Poor Muslim representation in Indian politics

Since the past some years a question crops up in the social media off and on, about the poor representation of Indian Muslims in the country’s politics. Raising such a issue after seven decades of independence is grossly baseless.

Muslim-centric regional political parties of India

The cacophony created by the Indian Muslims and Left-Liberal cabal on the assassination of Atique Ahmed, a politician cum hardcore criminal gang-star for forty years and having connection with ISI and Jihadi organizations of Pakistan, indicates the deep level of penetration of Islamism in India's socio-political dynamics.

We ‘the secular’ people of HINDUSTAN

A free India must be a place where brotherhood is maintained between all the citizens and where one religion does not try to put down another religion in the name of religion.

The impossible Bong

Presence of Hindu-persecuting Islamic Bangladesh next door and gradual Islamization of West Bengal escape their highly intelligent(?) eyes when WB Hindus show he inherent obsession of converting vice into virtue by romanticizing and glorifying it, particularly when it is related to their wishful Hindu-Muslim unity.

Secularism and Islamic fundamentalism: A comparative truth untold

This article will elaborate the situation of secularism in some part of this global village

The cabal against Modi and Hindu India

in the name of secularism and minority rights, equal rights and practices are denied to Hindus especially in the areas of welfare, education and religious administration.

How Indian Politics has become Muslim-centric

Today India has reached to such a situation that consolidation of Muslim votes is regarded as highly secular and consolidation of Hindu votes is looked down upon as highly communal by the Congress-Islamist-Communist-Liberal-Secular gang.

अल्पसंख्यक आयोग: देश के बहुसंख्यक समाज के साथ एक छलावा

हम बहुसंख्यक समाज के साथ वर्ष १९४७ में धोखा किया गया, क्योंकि हम सनातन धर्मीयो को तो केवल एक देश मिला पर इन मुसलिम मजहब के लोगों ने ना केवल पाकिस्तान ले लिया बल्कि भारी मात्रा में ये हिंदुस्तान में ही रह गए और इस प्रकार बड़ी धूर्तता से उस समय के कुछ धोखेबाज अंग्रेजो के गुलामो के कारण ये पूरी तरह  जम गए।

अभी जागना बाकी है; कई फाइलें ऐसी हैं जो अभी खुलना बाकी है

हम "वसुधैव कुटुंबकम्" के जाल में फंसे हैं और एक वर्ग देश की संस्कृति को समाप्त करने के लिए तत्पर है।

What is Hindu advocacy and activism

It is time we stand up and defend pro-Hindu causes and policies. It’s time we stand up and speak for those Hindus who won’t or can’t speak for themselves due to fear of public ridicule and backlash, discrimination, job loss, the destruction of temples, assault and death.

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