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How Indian Politics has become Muslim-centric

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In British India, Muslims were about 24 percent of total population in 1941 census. Islamic political revival in British India was officially launched in 1906 by establishment of Indian Muslim League in Decca (Dhaka of present day Bangladesh). From then onwards, about 90 percent of British Indian Muslims started to dissociate them from majority Hindus politically and socially.

The political events and communal riots between 1906 and August 1947 were directed by the British Indian Muslims to prove their religion-sanctified demand for separate identity, entity and then a separate nation. In retrospect, Gandhi looks like an imbecile who was stupidly and unilaterally obsessed with ‘Hindu-Muslim unity’ that Islam did not permit. Gandhi understood Islam and its political implications in a grossly wishful manner. From Moplah riot to Great Calcutta Killings, Gandhi saw those happened around him, but behaved like an ostrich.

Nehru was worse than Gandhi. He never wanted to learn Islam as a religio-political doctrine to write “Discovery of Islam”. On the contrary, he wrote and published “Discovery of India” in 1946. He was successful to discover India through his English eyes. Nehru was instrumental in messing-up Kashmir problem, as he had an extra soft corner for that Muslim majority state. His secular megalomania was also pushing him to make another Kashmir-like situation in Hyderabad, which was neutralized by Sardar Patel.

After independence, about two-thirds of British Indian Muslims fell (including migration from independent India) in Pakistan. Rest one-third stayed back in newly independent India. They were about 8 percent of independent India’s population with about 90 percent of them having staunch Muslim League background. Nehru objected to complete transfer of population between India and Pakistan. He made Hindus in Pakistan (and Bangladesh after 1971) as sitting ducks before Islamic onslaught under Nehru-Liaquat Pact of 1950, and started pampering Indian Muslims.

The disaster struck for Indian politics with independence. Gandhi made Nehru the Prime Minister undemocratically. Nehru and Gandhi’s love for Muslim leaguers, who stayed back in India out of some compulsion or other, started overflowing. The Muslim Leaguers of newly independent India, who called Indian National Congress a ‘Hindu Party’ before 14-15 August 1947, suddenly started rubbing shoulders with Nehru and Congress. These Muslim Leaguers were inducted into Congress over the next few years after 1947 and Indian Muslim vote block was guaranteed for Congress.

The Indian secularism under Nehru during post 1947 was absurdly linear. Nehru was convinced that by neglecting Hinduism and Hindu sentiment, he could achieve secularism. This linear approach of Nehru encouraged the Muslim Leaguers (who stayed back in India) towards Congress. For Indian Muslim Leaguers, it was a lifetime opportunity to enter inside Hindu majority independent India’s politics; and for Nehru, it was ego satisfaction. The shifting of loyalty of Indian Muslim leaguers to Congress was as weird as shifting of loyalty of a hard-core Hindu BJP member to Indian Union Muslim League. Thus Muslims of British India got both Pakistan and India, but Hindus got none.

These turn of events gave Indian Muslims a deep penetration into Congress Party and they started Islamizing government policies from within. Rest is history. Indian Muslims were allowed their own Personal Laws. Madrasa were made government funded. Further, allowing Muslims to manage their shrines, according Hajj subsidy, creating Central Waqf Council, AIMPLB, Minority Commission, and Ministry of Minority Affairs and awarding AMU-Jamia universities the status of Minority Institutions etc. could allow Indian Muslims to extract Islamic pounds of flesh from India in a continuous and sustained manner.

After some decades of independence, a number of so-called Regional Secular Political Parties grew-up in India at the cost of Congress. Most of those were nakedly Muslim dependent to the extent that Hindu supremos of those parties pampered the Muslims and their leaders and started dancing in their tune. These so-called Regional Parties gave extra sense of entitlement to the Indian Muslims from behind the façade of secularism. RJD, SP, NCP, BSP, JDU, TMC, TRS, YSRCP and AAP have been such Muslim dependent Regional Political Parties. Congress still clung to its Muslim leaning secularism. Thus Indian secularism became completely Muslim-centric and prompted former BBC journalist Tufail Ahmad to say that Indian secularism was 50 percent Islamist and 50 percent Pakistani. This Islam leaning secularism gradually spread to all aspects of Indian politics.

The evil and disruptive Communists of India, who supported the Pakistan demand of Muslim League, got a good chance to create social disturbance in independent India by supporting its Muslim-centric secularism. They openly started opposing anything related to Hinduism and Hindu cause. Their gang in academia Islamized Indian history and its narrative. The Communists could never bring any revolution to India and switched over to Parliamentary Democracy like power hungry wolves. Later they became brokers of Congress and afterward aligned with so-called Regional Secular Parties to sustain their evil existence.

All the above mentioned developments coupled with high growth rate among India Muslims (now they are about 18 percent of  total population of India), their trans-national allegiance to Muslim Ummah and exponential growth of Islamic terrorism in India, have brought the country  back to 1940s situation. Congress after 1947 carefully resisted the integration of Indian Muslims with India for its narrow vote bank politics and misplaced idea of secularism. Subsequently the so-called Regional Secular Political Parties have made Indian Muslims arrogant, exclusive, demanding and violent. The final nail in the coffin of politically stable India has been driven by its evil Communist-Liberal-Secular gang.

Desecration of Hindu places of worship, destruction of Hindu idols and abduction with force conversion of Hindu girls have been commonplace in Pakistan and Bangladesh. The absolute silence of Ummah-following Indian Muslims in the continuous persecution of Hindus and abuse of Hindu religious sentiments in Pakistan and Bangladesh could not attract the attention of Congress-Communist-Liberal-Secular gang of India. If this gang is so Muslim-centric, then why can’t it demand merger of Western and Eastern halves of India with Pakistan and Bangladesh respectively? What is the fun in having India at all? Even this could have been done in 1947.

Today India has reached to such a situation that consolidation of Muslim votes is regarded as highly secular and consolidation of Hindu votes is looked down upon as highly communal by the Congress-Islamist-Communist-Liberal-Secular gang. Indian Muslims dictate the politics of the country in a big way now. Ninety percent of them remained ‘Muslims’ and never became ‘Indians’. Recently they have started showing their Islamic fangs in a big way through anti-CAA protests, Delhi riots, Media Jihad (by Rana Ayyub, Muhammed Zubair, Saba Naqvi and Arfa Sherwani et al) and in Nupur Sharma issue. Antonia Maino with her imbecile son Raul Vinci, elderly Bong GF of Umar Khalid and Prannoy James Roy of NDTV are busy in looking for ‘Hindu Terror’ through telescope and microscope.

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