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Dying Hinduism

हिंदुत्व भावनाओं का अधिपतन -क्या यह प्रारब्ध है या निजकर्म

हज़ारो वर्षो से वैदिक सभ्यता,भारतीयता का जो उपहास व निम्नस्तरीयता का जो भाव विदेशी आक्रांताओ द्धारा प्रचलित रहा है वो आज भी जीवित है, तर्क, आलोचना, टिप्पड़ियाँ, कुंठा से ना हमारा भूतकाल पुनः राम राज्य बन जायेगा ना ही हम भारतियों की व्यथा को शांत कर पायेगा।

Types of Hindus in the 21st century

Categorizing modern Hindus into five categories: स्वपीडित, भ्रमित, कर्मी, साधक and अध्यात्म ज्ञानी. Read how they stand.

How did Hindutva become dangerous?

They're are afraid because they could successfully wipe out all other civilisations and cultures without any problem but Hindutva survived the onslaught of torture, rapes and even mass murders for a thousand years

The politics of a Tilak: How Hindus too have internalised Hinduphobia

Our actions are political expressions, and the act of not wearing a Tilak was a political expression perhaps coerced out of our ancestors. Our past political history has kept no stone unturned to demoralize Hinduism and its holy practices.

I am a Hindu and my religion made me human!

Mr. Yechuri please read Ramayana and Mahabharata once, they clearly condemns violence and wars. It is the last choice against Adharma.

Why we need Nationalism: Enemies of Indian nationalism

Loss of nationalism makes the culture, people and societies of that country highly vulnerable.

Review of Prof. Meenakshi Jain’s book “The flight of the deities and the rebirth of temples”

The book is an unbiased narration of the events that took place in the medieval era particularly, in relation to the dismantling of our places of worship so creating horripilation on the skin of the readers when they come across accurate facts as to what happened to our glorious cultural legacy in the form of temples.  

Overview of General Elections for 26th Lok Sabha

Its 2069: Welcome aboard to Islamic Republic of India

Combatting Christian Missionaries in Germany: Thank you for strengthening my faith into Sanatan Dharma

As much as I was surprised at having been a targeted customer at soul shop, I was also thankful. Since that day, my awareness and appreciation of my own faith has increased. I am more cognizant of the depth of the faith and philosophy I was born into.

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