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How did Hindutva become dangerous?

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Advocate, cricketer and book reader!

For those who have been living in the West, for those who have buried their head in the sand and for those who have been educated in the Nehruvian philosophy of pseudo liberal secularism, the term Hindutva immediately gets their alarm bells ringing. It somehow makes them quake in their boots and suddenly the end of the world is just not predicted but they say it is imminent.

So what is it that riles these seculars and the West about the term Hindutva? And why is it considered so dangerous? I mean Hindus have been here since the dawn of civilization and its religions, if you go by the history. In fact we are the oldest religion in the entire world and yet we are termed as violent, immature and our culture is termed as a sham. We are attributed with unleashing mayhem and violence on the world if we even dare say the word Hindu or Hindutva.

I mean, where is this fear emanating from? Its not like we have wiped out civilisations and religions just like the Church did in wiping out Greek history or Romanian History or forceful conversions of people of different faiths during their many inquisitions? Can we forget how the USA was formed? Weren’t the natives of that land systematically wiped out just because they didn’t fit with their white supremacist ideology? Can we forget the racial abuse of the blacks and the slave life they were made to lead and again it was the White Supremist elites, who were inflicting it. Or closer to home, how Hindus and their Gods were systematically vilified by the Mughals and then the White supremists in the garb of teaching us culture?

So once again, where does the fear emanate from that Hasan Minhaj on a talk show in Netflix has the audacity to talk about Hindu Nationalism or Hindutva in such a condescending tone and imply that we are a savage bunch of violent misfits set on ruining our own country? Can any of these liberals give solid evidence that Hindus have ever been involved in violent skirmishes portraying their Gods as great while demeaning other religions or Gods? Can they show a Hindu who has in the name of Hindutva forcefully converted people of other faiths into his culture?

Islam doesn’t propagate violence and yet you have Islamic Terrorists world over fighting in the name of the same religion and hoping to erase the existence of other faiths and still we are afraid of Hindus and Hindutva, when there isn’t an iota of proof that our culture is violent or promotes violence. Can we forget the evangelical outfits, who in the name of religion have massacred innocent people of other faiths?

The reason for their fear can be summed up very easily. These people are afraid because they could successfully wipe out all other civilisations and cultures without any problem but Hindutva survived the onslaught of torture, rapes and even mass murders for a thousand years or more by the erstwhile Islamic rulers and the British and in an independent India by the Nehruvian philosophy of liberalism which demonised and shamed Hindus into feeling insecure and repentant, although for what I am still not sure. The fact that our culture even made it to the 21st century is a miracle in itself. I mean imagine how inspite of these trials and tribulations Hindutva even in its most stripped away and most bare form survived and now there is a yearning for the citizens of this country to go back to their lost roots and preserve their identity for future generations to understand. We have not advocated violence or sought reparations for the various ills inflicted on us either by the British, Mughals or the political elite after independence. We have quietly and diligently gone about in search of our lost identity. And now after understanding our true identity Hindus worldwide are wearing their Hindutva on their sleeves.

They arent discriminating against others but at the same time they aren’t allowing anyone to discriminate against them. And that scares the shit out of these so called liberal intellectuals. They are not worried about us becoming violent, they are worried about the tectonic shift in the status quo. They feel threatened by the fact that they couldn’t wipe out our identity in spite of their many tries.

So yes Hindutva is here to stay. How much ever Time Magazine tries to portray a man working for the upliftment and betterment of this country as a great Divider or how much ever Hasan Minhaj tries to portray Hindus and Hindutva as a bunch of violent goons with a violent philosophy or whenever an elite White supremist or Islamic radical tries to look down upon our identity, Hindus and Hindutva are here to stay and work on its core objective philosophy of peace and harmony for all.

Let them try to put fear and demonise the term Hindu or Hindutva as it only makes people look for the truth. And when the truth comes out the bubble that these so called intellectuals and fear mongerers have been living in will burst and the world will see us for what we are and what they are!

If thousands of years of brutality and violence couldnt wipe out my Hindutva, the xenophobic insults of the elite will only make it stronger and eventually the truth is visible to all, as in this day and age of social media information is available at the click of a button.

So I say to the Hasan Minhajs of this world to go about their fear mongering and lies. Please don’t stop. We aren’t ashamed of our identity anymore and we have seen behind your masks of neutrality. So go ahead the Lutyens media or the Socialist Supremist elites, talk about us in the most vile manner possible because when the myth is busted all that will remain is the truth.

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Advocate, cricketer and book reader!
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