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Liberals Mocking Hindu Gods

Religion vs entertainment

the answer is that the role of religion in any entertainment show should prevail as long as it doesn’t hurt religious sentiments of any of the community.

Don’t Let Propaganda Pollute Indian Culture

Never let the liberals pollute the knowledge of ancient Indian philosophy and science because if Indians don’t respect their culture no one else would.

Free speech: The hallmark of civilization

Belief systems cannot be privileged. The arrest of Munawar Faruqi is deplorable, and so is the killing of Kamlesh Tiwari, more heinous though the latter action is.

How ‘they’ make ‘us’ feel guilty for celebrating ‘our’ festivals

It is rather painful to see the illogical and shrill campaign gathering momentum against all Hindu festivals. Particularly in the case of Deepavali (or Diwali), it has taken off like a Diwali aerial shot.

The Hindu-shaming of Hindu festivals

The subtle sermonizing on our festivals was not enough, that now the backdrop of our festivals has again become an opportunity for some to divide us on linguistic fault lines.

असुराधिपति के प्रति सहानुभूति और कृतज्ञता का पर्व

राम को न मानने, न जानने और न समझने वालों को ये सामाजिक सन्देश युक्त शुभकामनाएँ और फोन फोन तक इनकी पहुंच अपने एजेंडा को जन जन तक पहुँचाने का एक सशक्त माध्यम लगीं और उन्होंने इसका दोहन आरम्भ कर दिया।

Why I don’t like the idea of atheism

This read is for people who felt bad for disrespect to Armin’s dead mother. Let me ask a simple question: Give me a good logical reason, why the tweet about Armin’s mother is despicable behavior and against Maa (Mother) Kali (One of the many Hindu goddesses) is not?

Absolute ideas and thoughts in western societies

Armin and many other neo atheists in the western societies tend to call themselves atheists but they are still trapped under Abhramic ideology because they behave in the same way a religious person in Abhramic countries would behave only difference is that their gods have changed, it can be anything they say they believe in logic, science, and Humankind.

Why Hindu gods are under attack

The platforms specifically Twitter tacitly supports anti Hindu narrative due to its inherent leftist bias. The media overlooks it as an act of FoE, though it rages if the tides are turned.

Fascism and freedom of speech: How it was played by liberals

Bloomsbury rejects to publish 'DELHI RIOTS 2020: The Untold Story', surrendering to Islamic fundamentalism.

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