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Why I don’t like the idea of atheism

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Chanakya Anand
Chanakya Anand
I am an information security professional. Interested in Technology, Science & Sanatana Dharma. Currently learning Sanskrit.

I am writing this in response to the incident which happened recently where Armin Navabi posted a derogatory picture of Maa Kali over the internet. Taking this incident as an example I am putting forward my view on why atheism as a concept shall be rejected.

This read is for people who felt bad for disrespect to Armin’s dead mother. Let me ask a simple question: Give me a good logical reason, why the tweet about Armin’s mother is despicable behavior and against Maa (Mother) Kali (One of the many Hindu goddesses) is not?

I am in for all or nothing. Either both are acceptable or both are despicable. Unrestricted FOE comes at a cost. On the basis of principle, Fair game in the FOE/FOS arena. My mother (Hindu Goddess) commands no respect from you, hence your mother commands no respect from me. People who still feel it is bad to pull her dead mother in conversation.

Let’s analyze it from an ideal atheist viewpoint:

The prerequisite of an atheist is they view everything objectively & rationally. Emotions aside, Armin’s mother is dead and the tweets on the dead body may seem vile to many but for an atheist, the body is just a borrowed piece of this planet in process of decomposition and a bunch of carbon molecules ready to be disintegrated. Why so much fuss about some carbon molecules? On a daily basis, we all walk & trample upon the remains of each other’s forefather (Now the topsoil). Will you find it despicable from an intellectual viewpoint?

There is a difference between a living entity and a dead one purely from an objective viewpoint. Emotions for a non-existent entity is a hallmark of theism, not atheism. Jokes were for the dead body (Armin’s dead mother) something gathered overtime which was just another piece of the planet. Why should an ideal atheist feel bad about it? Many people argue “but Armin’s mother was a real person unlike your Maa Kali (Mother Kali, a Hindu Goddess) which didn’t exist”? Even Countries & their boundaries don’t have any physical existence. It is just an idea endowed upon & endorsed by a huge group of people. It is called the agreed convention. Try explaining this logic to custom immigration officers when you visit any country without a visa. You will be put behind bars in no time.

Emotions for the non-real entities are as real as for a living entity. Take an example of a national flag, objectively viewing it is just a piece of cloth. But the symbolism attached to it makes it so real that soldiers sacrifice their lives for it. But the bigger question is if Armin is really standing up for the cause of atheism? Blasphemy was never a thing in India and even today it is not. You are allowed to intellectual debate about the existence of God, even question their existence. But Armin never attempts to put forward his criticism but choose to post derogatory image. Let me know how will posting a derogatory image can help to forward his case of atheism in intellectual discourse. Expect for increasing some deranged followers count and RTs how will it further his viewpoint on atheism? Is he really champion for his atheism cause?

The price, an absolute atheism demand is no one willing to pay. All I can see these peoples as half baked atheists willing to take only half measures, not courageous enough to walk all the way. In short, atheists are just a bunch of hypocrites motivated by convenience, not principle. I never understood the end goal of atheism. Do they want to convert the whole world atheists or to make society better?

Once the whole world is atheist, the vacuum will be filled by some new Hoolahoopa religion of different nature. Human minds abhor a vacuum. Society deprived of emotions will be hell on earth. I am not talking about a half-baked atheists who may be emotional. Absolute atheism demands no emotion. Objectivity without subjectivity doesn’t demand or care for emotion. Why should anybody feel emotion for a bunch of cells which are in process of dying? In the atheist world, they think their truth is the only truth.

Let me remind people that the most violent & cruel human ever walked on the planet who believed their truth is the only absolute truth. Our sages were wise who said एकम सत विप्रा बहुधा वदन्ति meaning There is only one truth but wise describe it differently. This line is from the most sacred text of Hinduism, Rig-Ved. This realization allows us to co-exist with other religions peacefully. If an Atheist argument is emotions are real, the same emotions gave rise to tribalism & religions. Had there be no emotion there would be no religion in the first place.

The basic tenets of Atheism are against evolution itself. One may feel that atheism will remain in the same harmless form as it is in present today but everything evolves and soon it will reach into an extreme form or peak. Wait for the day when atheism will be more violent than any religion present today.

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Chanakya Anand
Chanakya Anand
I am an information security professional. Interested in Technology, Science & Sanatana Dharma. Currently learning Sanskrit.
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