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Samved Iyer

Eternal as evolution is, I cannot purport to have grown in thorough measure, and I am hopeful of augmenting my perspicacity in the company of beings far more erudite than me.

The insipidity of independent India’s historiography

Seniors, such as have the inclination, energy, and intellect to read beyond the artless books at school, actively help their juniors with much better historical perspective, should the juniors themselves repose interest in the subject.

What was the demolition of the Babri Masjid significative of?

There is no mistaking that the Ram Janmabhoomi Movement appealed to the depressed castes and classes. Viewing through that lens, one would justly regard it as a truly subaltern movement.

Thoughts on civilization

The days were indeed violent, and no right-thinking citizen would yearn for their return.

A commonsensical Pproposition: Ought true Hindus to pledge fidelity to Hindutva?

The Hindutva groundswell we behold today was perhaps fated to sweep Bhāratavarsha, and it shall hold sway for long.

Seek answers not from ‘intellectuals’ but from Ambedkar, for the social tempest seen today

Ambedkar’s analysis is perfect, for it is not only the beginning, but can far surpass anything that vocal elements could proffer today. For he beat them all with his intellect.

Free speech: The hallmark of civilization

Belief systems cannot be privileged. The arrest of Munawar Faruqi is deplorable, and so is the killing of Kamlesh Tiwari, more heinous though the latter action is.

Assimilating English into the wave of Hindutva

If we are to popularize a culture-rooted narrative, English shall be of great import. It is possible to not adopt the anglophile elitism and yet stay relevant in academia espousing such a narrative

To those adulating Godse on Gandhi Jayanti: You help no cause

Those who contend that Gandhi staying alive any further would have been detrimental to India, do not seem to have understood the problem. What harm could he have possibly inflicted upon the nation?

“UPSC Jihad”: A tale of ignominious judicial capriciousness

The Indian judiciary appears to lose all semblance of nuance so soon as the word, “minority” appears. This is yet another problem in the Hollow Republic of India — and I use that term after prodigious consideration.

To China’s ignominy: The hope of an adamantine India

India must maintain its obdurate stance against China. This should, so far as ideals go, set a precedent for future governments.

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