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Religion vs entertainment

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If the question is that, should religion be mixed with entertainment? Then, the answer is that the role of religion in any entertainment show should prevail as long as it doesn’t hurt religious sentiments of any of the community.

Ours is a secular country. Don’t just let it be a word! Inculcate it in yourself. Learn to respect each other’s religion. It’s not about should we take jokes about religion seriously or not because it is not something we do on purpose. If you are a theist and someone is making fun of your religion, then you’ll get offended for sure! Expressing it or not is upto you.

And it is definitely not fine to tolerate derogatory comments and why should one tolerate?

The Only solution regarding the same is to avoid such things which might disrupt harmony of the public. But as public, it is our responsibility to see which things are actually anti-religion and which are not. We shouldn’t make issue of everything we see or hear. It’s not something to exaggerate things about as it will only aggravate the situation.

I will end up here with these lines…..
“You don’t have to hate you religion to be a secular.
You don’t have to hate other religions to prove your love to you own.”

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