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OTT platforms

OTT turned into a subtle tool to demonise Indian culture and tradition

It was and it is a fashion of abusing Hinduism. OTT is nothing but an even uglier extension of Bollywood.

The OTT Content

Although I recently have watched many movies on OTT and I thoroughly enjoyed the content still I will not think twice before accusing OTT media of isolating its audience.

A case for ousting ‘MAHARANI’

When motion pictures tend to pick-up real-life events and personalities from our history and fictionalises them by adding such exaggerations, as is evident in this case, they end up doing grave historical misappropriation.

Religion vs entertainment

the answer is that the role of religion in any entertainment show should prevail as long as it doesn’t hurt religious sentiments of any of the community.

Decoding it for the generalia: OTT rules, 2021

While the restrictions are strict, this strictness is justified in light of the recent impact the OTT shows have had on the society.

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