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OTT turned into a subtle tool to demonise Indian culture and tradition

It was and it is a fashion of abusing Hinduism. OTT is nothing but an even uglier extension of Bollywood.

Religion vs entertainment

the answer is that the role of religion in any entertainment show should prevail as long as it doesn’t hurt religious sentiments of any of the community.

तां ड व !

OTT पर वेब सीरीज के नाम पर सेक्स, गालिया और नग्नता परोसी जाती ये तो हम सब जानते है। पर शायद पहली बार समाज...

तांडव उर्फ़ वामपंथी विष

जैसा अनुमान था बिलकुल उसी टोन से शुरुआत हुई। JNU में भुखमरी/सामन्तवाद/जातिवाद/अत्याचार/मनुवाद/ब्राह्मणवाद/संघवाद/पूंजीवाद से आज़ादी माँगी जा रही है और पुलिस मुसलमान होने के कारण...

Gaming, OTT & Social Media: Leftists trying to woo youngsters in every walk of the life

Leftists trying to corrupt youth by passively and very carefully pouring poison in their mind.

Legal notice served to Netflix and Netflix India by Kiran Aradhya

By allowing the Kissing scene from the series “The suitable boy” in temple where the boy Is Muslim, and the Girl is Hindu, Netflix is trying to glorify “Love Jihad” which is menace that India is fighting right now.

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