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Hatred towards Hinduism

A brief introduction to ‘Sanatan Dharma’

Sanatan Dharma also teaches Dharma Himsa Tathaiva Cha, which means ‘so too is violence (appropriate) in the service of Dharma’. Thus, Left-Liberal-Islamist-Woke cabal should stop meddling with Sanatanis.

Secularism and Islamic fundamentalism: A comparative truth untold

This article will elaborate the situation of secularism in some part of this global village

When it comes to Bollywood, Hindus should not emulate Prithviraj Chauhan’s action

Instead go on entertainment fast till 2040 to introspect on reasons for the killing of Kanhaiya Lal and countless other Hindus in the past couple of years

What Hindus have to face daily

It is hard to overcome and stand your ground when people around you pose these challenges and look down on you. But, where there is a will there is a way.

Why the cabal is against Modi & Hindu India?

What we are seeing is a set pattern of continuous anti-Modi and anti-Hindu propaganda in media and social media, both at Indian and international levels, after 2014.

सनातनियों के हेतु संदेश

कभी कभी औवेसी जैसे लोग भी आपको भविष्य की घटनाओं के इशारे दे जाते है, लेकिन आप अपनी सहनशीलता और तथाकथित शान्तिवादियों (जेहादियों के स्लीपर) के द्वारा रचे भ्रम जाल के चलते या तो समझ नहीं पाते, या फिर शुतुरमुर्गी समाधि में रत हो जाते हैं।

First among a billion equals– the Rise of Narendra Modi and the resurrection of the Hindu civilization

Modi is in a sense a creature of the circumstance or rather an idea whose time had come. The humble vernacular leader who is unapologetic at the same time confident in his non anglicized roots gives voice to the people long subdued by anglicized elite of this country.

It’s time left-liberals and feminists stopped supporting Islamists

Its indeed difficult to make out what common ground the three groups (Islamists, liberals and feminists) who advocate for one another hold. Their core ideology is completely different in reality.

धर्मनिरपेक्षता की लक्ष्मण रेखा

धर्मनिरपेक्षता और तुष्टीकरण पर्यायार्थी शब्द नही है।

From India to Bharat- Brand Bharat is becoming a reality

India has seen differences on religion or ethnicity both from majorities and minorities side, which occurred, in every era of it’s history. Still it can proudly be the flag bearer of secularism.

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