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When it comes to Bollywood, Hindus should not emulate Prithviraj Chauhan’s action

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We all have heard of the story of Prithviraj Chauhan defeating Mohammed Ghori and then sparing his life again and again, only to be attacked by Ghori repeatedly each time. Ultimately, Ghori ended up defeating Prithviraj Chauhan and killing him.

I am not going to go into the details of history now, but the moral that can be drawn from this story is to not spare your enemy after defeating him. In Bhagavad Gita Arjuna was asked to be merciless against the Kauravas and not spare a single life of his enemy on the battlefield. Bhagwan Krishna’s words were not taken seriously by Prithviraj Chauhan and it was disastrous not just for himself, but for the entire Hindu civilization.

Now coming to the present times there are protests being done against the anti-Hindu propaganda done by Bollywood in the past and present. Whether it is Akshay Kumar asking Hindus to avoid going to Vaishno Devi in a sly manner, or movies like Lajja(2001) where most scenes were crafted to lampoon Hindus and Hindu society.

All this was done without any protest since the inception of Bollywood in the 1920s. The Urdu Film industry relentlessly targeted Hindus and Hinduism unflinchingly. It became a multi-billion dollar industry of Anti-Hindu propaganda. It was supported by the Indian National Congress for decades and many Bollywood stars, directors, producers, etc, were quite close to the Nehru-Gandhi family. They were treated like demi-gods by the Public.

Apart from the Anti-Hindu nature, Bollywood promoted adultery, sleaze, eve teasing, etc. It gave a very bad message to young men that the whole purpose of a man’s life is to pursue women, which strongly went against the ethos of Hindu society where most of the marriages were arranged.

Bollywood had a corrosive effect on the psyche of Hindu society and had a significant contribution in deracinating the Hindus over several decades. It looked like challenging the anti-Hindu nature of Bollywood would be an impossible task. Because the influence of Bollywood on people’s life only increased at the turn of 21st century. While people just watched movies till the 1990s, the personal life of actors were not seen as an ideal to be copied.

However, at the turn of 21st century almost all mainstream media started having a section of glamour where several aspect of an actor’s life were showcased. They were promoted as youth icons and roles models for the youth to emulate. The mainstream media promoted the life and opinions of the actors as an ideal worth imitating. They started endorsing brands, events and even political parties. The ‘star kids’ were promoted by the mainstream media, which only increased the nepotism that existed in Bollywood for decades.

Then the year 2020 happened. Sushant Singh Rajput’s death opened a can of worms which exposed the dirty side of Bollywood. Around this time the twitter handle Gems of Bollywood was launched. It opened the eyes of Hindus to the ugly nature of Bollywood. The repercussions are now being felt by Bollywood in 2022 where most of the films are becoming a flop.

While the Urdu Film industry is pretending to ignore the effect of boycott campaign, the result is on the wall for everyone to see. Bollywood is not going to take this lying down. They will do PR work to make themselves look strong and likeable to soften the minds of Hindus and win their sympathy. However, I will stand strong and merciless towards my enemies.

If I had a dharmic upbringing my resolve would have been very clear and strong. Like Arjuna was asked to be towards his enemies. However, because of my liberal education I have to remind myself to not become soft and let Bollywood people make me sympathetic towards them because of their PR work.

Do you remember that Saif Ali Khan named his son Taimur even after knowing very well that Taimur massacred lakhs of Hindus? Maybe he takes pride in those massacres and arrogantly justified his decision when questioned. It didn’t stop there. The mainstream liberal media, which openly hates hates Hindus started showcasing every aspect of Saif Ali Khan’s son’s life. They were regularly writing reports of his dress, smile, silly acts, etc. They wanted to insult Hindus more and more. I haven’t forgotten that. Nor have I forgotten that Bollywood was insulting Hindus for decades which has been excellently highlighted by the twitter handle Gems of Bollywood.


Personally, I am going to completely ignore every single movie, article, news, serial, or any piece of entertainment till 2040 and introspect on the reasons behind killing of Kanhaiya Lal, Chandan Gupta, Nikita Tomar, Kamlesh Tiwari, Ramalingam and countless other Hindu deaths at the hands of extremism.

Remember that even if you see any movie on television the producers churn money through satellite rights. More articles will be written where actresses ‘cross all limits of boldness’ and vulgarity. Actors will be seen in temples and doing ‘humanitarian’ work. All the creativity will be used to do some or the other publicity stunt. I am going to IGNORE them all. Total boycott till 2040 from my end.

I will try to create awareness about the other side of entertainment industry among my family, friends and on social media. And I don’t care about Bollywood’s soft power. I am more interested in Hindu hard power.

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