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Why the cabal is against Modi & Hindu India?

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What we are seeing is a set pattern of continuous anti-Modi and anti-Hindu propaganda in media and social media, both at Indian and international levels, after 2014. From The Wire to Al Jazeera to Twitter to The Washington Post to BBC; – the story remains monotonously the same. The dominating USA, megalomaniac Europe, Communist China and Islamist Ummah are after the Hindu India. It is the fear of rise of Hindu India, as a global power after 2014, that has disturbed the sleep of all these monsters.

Since 2014, India has refused to live with British colonial hangover, political pressure of USA, economic and territorial dictums of China and religious dominance of Islamist Ummah (India has second largest Muslim population). India had started its own journey in 2014 as a proud civilizational nation with at least 5000 years of rich and glorious Hindu heritage.

From Muslim invaders to British imperialist to Gandhi-Nehru duo; – all had made the majority population of India, that is Hindus, a community of self-loathing and timid people, devoid of self-pride. In post-1947 independent India, Hindus were made to forget their glorious past of kingdoms, state craft, military power, sea voyage, trade, architecture, literature, astronomy, mathematics, medicine, philosophy and spirituality by Nehruvian “Idea of India”. Hindus were made to accept that only Mughals and British had made them civilized and enriched their culture between 1526 AD and 1947 AD. But Modi led BJP’s coming to power in India during 2014 has turned the table on those anti-Hindu vested interests.

In this propaganda war against Modi and Hindu India, the members of Left-Liberal-Islamist cabal (Indian and international) are working overtime as foot soldiers of USA, China, Europe and Ummah. Leftists represent Chinese interest; Liberals represent the interest of USA and Europe, and Islamists represent the interest of Ummah. All three divergent groups have come together, to become a single cabal, on the principle of enemy’s enemy is my friend. The cabal had long back infiltrated the academia, media, policy making and lobbying at Indian and international levels.

To understand the intensity of propaganda of the Indian chapter of the cabal against Modi and Hindu India, one needs to follow the writings, interviews and twits and remarks of persons like Suzanna Arundhati Roy, Barkha Dutt, Hamid Ansari, N Ram, Rana Ayyub, Ramchandra Guha, Swara Bhaskar, Arfa Khanum Sherwani and Ravish Kumar et al.

They are in tens of thousands and spread across India in schools, colleges, universities, NGOs, social groups, government offices, judiciary, vernacular media and channels. The Indian political parties which are active supporters of this propaganda war, are headed by the Congress Party and followed by Samajwadi Party, Aam Aadmi Party, Rashtriya Janata Dal, Trinamool Congress and Nationalist Congress Party etc.

But why this propaganda is mostly against Modi? Because Modi has envisioned and started implementing the makeover of the emerging pride of new and independent Hindu India. Modi has kindled the passion among Hindus of India, who constitute about 78 percent of the country’s population, to challenge the oppressive forces which have been subduing Hindu India for about one thousand years. The boat of Left-Liberal-Islamist cabal has been badly rocked by Modi after 2014. The cabal has become dismayed and frustrated. Hence is so much of anti-Hindu and anti-Modi propaganda.

Before 2014, Indian social dynamics was under the control of Left-Liberal-Islamist cabal. The cabal controlled the narrative and socio-political engineering of India. The cabal used to control even the psyche of Indians and its international image. BJP led NDA ruled India for five years under the Prime Minister Sri Vajpayee from 1999 to 2004.

But that avatar of BJP never dared to push its ‘Hindutva’ politics because of the fear of the cabal. After 2014, Modi has beaten that said pulp into pulp and started pushing BJP’s Hindutva-based agenda of “Cultural Nationalism” and corruption free “Development”.

The international Left-Liberal-Islamist cabal organized a conference in USA during September 2021 on Dismantling Global Hindutva. The conference sought to look into the issues relating to the Hindu supremacist ideology from scholarly perspective. What a joke! Who were those delusional scholars who could find global presence of Hindutva?

Had Hindu ideology been supremacist, there would not be any Muslims in India after 1947. It was the tolerant ideology of Hinduism that allowed Muslims of Indian sub-continent to practice heads (Pakistan) I win, tails (Bangladesh) you lose and the coin (India) belongs to me.

The Left-Liberal-Islamist cabal has been happy with dozens of Islamic and Christian countries in the world, but it develops severe painful posterior in the name of a single Hindu India. When Indian Hindus had never pushed its ‘Hindutva’ to other countries through ‘violent invasion’ or ‘imperialism’, or ‘rice bag trap’ or any other means; when Hindu India’s core philosophy has been “Ekam Sat, Vipra Bahudha Vadanti” (truth is one, wise men call it differently), the Left-Liberal-Islamic cabal should stop fighting against its phantom enemy of Hindu India.

It should understand that anarchic Leftism, one-sided Liberalism and violent Islamism have no place in BJP ruled Modi’s India. Rise of Hindutva and Hindu India is vital for the future peace and co-existence of different human ideologies and nations. The sooner the world community understands this fact is better for all.

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