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Merry Christmas, but not so merry for Hindus

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The persecution of Hindus by Christians and their missionaries dated back to when the first European person landed in India, Akhand Bharat at that time till today in some or other way. Each day we can see the news about the mass conversion of Hindus specifically the tribals and unprivileged sections to Christianity either by giving money allurement or by fooling them. Their secret agenda also includes whitewashing of Indian culture and replacing it with western culture, as a result, to mentally enslave us.

Holocaust of Goans

Goa has witnessed one of the most brutal genocides in the history of mankind. What’s more painful than this is that our generation knows just the tip of the iceberg, moreover, it has no place in Indian history books, nor is it openly discussed. Hundreds of Hindu temples were destroyed and Churches planted on destroyed temple sites, and Brahmins were chased out. Many converted as a result of this

It was the most violent inquisition ever executed by the Portuguese Catholic Church. It was marked by unparalleled barbarism and the most horrifying inquisition faced by Goan Hindus who suffered for around 252 years. Those Hindus who refused to convert to Christianity or those found ‘guilty’ of secretly practicing Hindu Dharma despite converting were punished in the cruelest manner possible

In-stabilizing North East region -:

During the colonial era, the worst affected region from the missionaries was the North Eastern region. As it was not in the mainstream at that time, which made it easy for the invaders to spread their agenda very quickly and effectively, as a result, many were converted to Christianity, and today we can see the result in the population census and attack on Hindus there during UPA government.

In Tripura, in 2000 the National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) attacked a Hindu temple and killed a spiritual leader there. They are known to have forcefully converted Hindus to Christianity same as their parent organization used to do decades ago.

A similar incident happened in Assam also where members of the primarily Christian Hmar ethnic group have placed bloodstained crosses in temples and forced Hindus to convert at gunpoint.

Missionaries and Mass Conversion -:

To discuss about the dreadful effect of missionaries on Indian society especially the Hindu section we don’t need to look into our past as we can even see the cases in recent times.

During Covid times their organization took full advantage of it. When the whole world was suffering from Corona and was praying for the speedy recovery of all, missionaries in India were busy doing their work. Missionaries in India converted as many as 1 lakh people and adopted 50,000 villages in a span of one year. Need for medical aid and two square meals amidst the financial crisis, pushed the economically weaker section into the trap of missionaries The data was validated by David Reeves, the CEO of Unfoldingworld an organization dedicated to church planting and conversions.

Whitewashing of Indian culture by replacing it with western culture

It can be explained by just a simple question. We all know that 25 DEC is celebrated as Christmas, but do you know which Hindu festival is also on on same day? Majority of our youth didn’t know about it. It is Tulsi Diwas on 25 Dec.

Subh Tulsi Diwas to all

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