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Do we really need to smash Brahminical-Baniya patriarchy?

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WE ARE COMING FOR YOU“, was the clear psuo-moto for these slogans printed on the walls of Jawaharlal Nehru University for “International Studies”, seeking to revenge the patriarchal society, which the upper casts like Brahmins/Baniyas: have created into the Indian Society. The Everest confidence of “WE WILL AVENGE” was certain of the animosity for what the brahmins/baniyas has done to the society. And there are few great reasons to pen these benevolences.

These casts are really into the dismantaling of Indian Society, as the true escence of “India” was disturbed by their mere presence. The core of Indian spirituality, culture, ethics and values, which is smearly growing and devoured smackingly around the world, was spread by brahmins, impacted the idea of India wrongly.

The results are immensely flawed as India can not enjoy the thrill of some “peacefull” societies enjoy, such as Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and many more like that. Also the way brahmin warriors like peshwas defended the barbarian Mughals in Panipat (Sadashivrao Bhau Peshwa) and to some extend captured so called ‘Delhi-Sultanate’, Bajirao Peshwa’s trail to defend us from Turkish invaders, was a great dismay for India.

The very famous chola dynasty imparted our border to south-eastern asia was also impacting the India badly. The Indian freedom fighters like Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, Chandrashekhar Azad, Lok Manya Tilak, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Bipin Chandra Pal, were brahmins indulged in reversal of Indian freedom movement. After freedom of India man named V.P. Menon was relently working for external forces to unite India along with Sardar Patel. (T.R. Krishnaswamy Iyyer was a Tamil Brahmin by birth in Palakkad.

He was a prominent freedom fighter and a champion of the upliftment of lower caste people in society.) The Baniya community who has prevailed in wealth creation of India are self centered to open their hearts on every un-promised events, whether it be with Haldighati Yudh by funding Maharana Pratap or funding Shivaji during their slow periods.

Apart from sarcasm if Indians resumed to mock their real heroes then it would really be a down turn for the whole society. Dividing us into casts is the policy of invaders, westerners and break India forces. Brahmins(5.78%), Baniyas (5.12%: 0.4% Jains included) though in small number, do not devour reservations or strong political voices, but there may be grudge for others too.

These may lead to further fusion in heat which India is not capable of. These words on wall are the trailing aromas from sweet venoms which gave their insights in Kashmir by painting on their walls “Ralic, Saliv, Galiv”. India should harshly warn these voices.

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