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Indian politics : A path paved with insults and intolerance

Today, the situation of Indian politics is characterised by xenophobic remarks, crude insults, and belittling language, which is quite concerning. It depicts the alarming intolerance that has sneaked into our culture.

Being a Hindu is tough in 21st century India

As a citizen who is part of India’s Hindu majority, I tend to think that can wonders like AI be of any help towards my community’s civilizational interests? News reports of communal unrest from Nuh in Mewat have disturbed me as a Hindu.

The unsung warriors of Indic Culture: A tribute to the women who defended India’s freedom and values

From the era of freedom today, we realize that whether it's Queen Laxmi Bai, Sarla Devi, or Durga Bhabhi, the power of women was awakened concerning their culture and education. India will truly become a world leader only when its daughters understand and embrace the ancient Indic culture of the world, becoming a part of the country's way in various fields such as politics, economics, science, and beyond. Because when a daughter rises and stands, victory becomes paramount.

West supports BNP’s ‘Islamic democracy’ in Bangladesh

BNP aims to replace the existing secularist democracy with a system that emphasizes political Islam, which has been linked to various problems, including militancy in the region.

The criminals of Manipur: No one burned Manipur?

Violence triggered with the Kuki community attacking Meitei establishments in Churachandpur during the Tribal Solidarity March took by the Naga-Kukis to protest against the inclusion of Meiteis as tribes.

Alliances in Indian politics: Fostering unity or deepening divisions?

Political short term weeding or so called alliances can create deep negative impact on people of India

Strengthening ties: The importance and necessity of Bangladesh-India relations

With continued collaboration, trust, and dialogue, these two nations can create a brighter future for their citizens and the entire South Asian region.

West Bengal political violence: An examination of AITC’s controversial legacy

While, there is a speculation that at least 500 BJP workers have been killed after 2018, there is a lack of proper evidence as the state is under totalitarian regime with a state supporting police force with no accountability.

AAP’s view on UCC

Ahead of the 2024 polls, AAP has swiftly managed to be in both the boats. The party is waiting for the appropriate and suitable political atmosphere to reveal its thoughts on UCC ahead of polls and the opposition alliance.

Pakistan’s support for terrorist activities inside India

This article delves into the patterns of Pakistan's patronage of terrorism and the implications it holds for regional security and stability.

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