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Alliances in Indian politics: Fostering unity or deepening divisions?

Political short term weeding or so called alliances can create deep negative impact on people of India

Countering Modi magic? Facts and factors

Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India has gained significant fame and recognition for various reasons. Here are some factors that contribute to his popularity:

Leadership styles and impact – A comparative Analysis of Indira Gandhi and Narendra Modi

It's important to note that this comparison provides a broad overview and may not encompass all aspects of their leadership. Additionally, assessments of leaders can vary based on individual perspectives and political leanings.

Hakuna Matata: Embracing the spirit of no worries

Respectfully dedicated to politics and politicians post parliament inauguration row.

“Pink vs Blue”: Sexism in Colors

A colorful perspective: Breaking the pink-blue divide

“Accident, suicide or murder of Congress and regional parties” – Revival plan of Prashant Kishor

India's renowned political aid Mr. Prashan Kishor is in the news for his leaked 600 pages plan to revive congress.

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