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“Accident, suicide or murder of Congress and regional parties” – Revival plan of Prashant Kishor

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India’s renowned political aid Mr. Prashan Kishor is in the news for his leaked 600 pages plan to revive congress. There are some points which he mentioned i.e. Gandhis to be in new role, New face for UPA, Targeting 13 cr. new voters and avoiding direct confrontation with BJP in major parts of Indian states.

Now these suggestions means Gandhis to be out from public posters and limit them to the governance with administrative power. Now if you go through the suggestions carefully you will find a bunch of non sensible remarks without any actual plan which may help congress to revive.

Taking out Rahul or Sonia as a front face will actually destroy the congress as there are many but none to be portrait as a mass leader or accepted by a huge number of congress senior leaders.

It is easy to say to select UPA leader from outside of congress but is it actually possible?

There are more than a dozen of parties in the collision and if you add others like TMC you will get more than 24 regional parties part of UPA. Now the question is can Miss Mamta Banerjee or Mr. Sharad Pawar or Mr. Akhilesh yadav will be accepted by all the parties? can they will be the face of UPA including Congress? It is going to be a disaster in the short and long run for the congress and the UPA.

As we all know 50% of hindu vote is distributed among non BJP parties and Congress should target these as sugessted by Prashan Kishor. It is a nice Idea which most of the parties are aware and exactly this is what regional parties are doing and winning election against BJP. Now Mr. kishor is suggesting to tie up with the regional parties temporary basis and kill them once congress gets the ground!!! What a foolish plan to reveal before the tie up.

Regional parties are surviving and doing well when they are maintaining distance from congress recent example is Bengal election. Prashan kishor’s plan for revival will be suicidal for congress and regional parties for sure.

Now the question is how to revive the Congress? My question is if one of the oldest party of India with renowned political faces, Ex. PM, Ministers and experience leaders of congress does not know, then Why to revive the party better to take retirement.

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