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Apex Court concern for democratic decency and Rahul’s ‘idea of India’

Most of the newspapers have buried the apex court observation on Rahul Gandhi slur on Modi surname and the court suggestion to ‘a person in public life’ in their insignificance interior of the story limiting to few words as if political decency has no role in 21st Century democracy.

Fight against corruption and political martyrdom

People want a government in New Delhi who has a ‘clean image’ and ‘strong leadership/governance skills’, and subsequently the same be simulated in state capitals.

Sabotage politics also boomerangs, don’t make it new normal

Sabotage politics has been found new normal in Indian Politics now-a-days. And the high stubbornness of Jaichand kind in executing sabotage politics is clearly visible.

“Accident, suicide or murder of Congress and regional parties” – Revival plan of Prashant Kishor

India's renowned political aid Mr. Prashan Kishor is in the news for his leaked 600 pages plan to revive congress.

Rejoinder to Chatham House column “Democracy in India”

This rejoinder tries to expose the biased analysis about “Democracy in India” by author Dr. Price who writes for London based eminent Think Tank Chatham House, otherwise known as Royal Institute of International Affairs.

Farms agitation, Reddy ghost, Sidhu and Dalit politics in Punjab

May be the same fate await Congress Party in Punjab and Channi be another Joginder Mondal, Giridhar Gamang and Hemananda Biswal.

The failed master and his over smart disciples

Rahul Gandhi has been heading the Congress Party for more than a decade in one form or another, and Kanhaiya on joining day signaled that Rahul's leadership has not done enough to save the Congress Party from the incoming disaster. How will the scion react?

Rahul Gandhi The Bully

The ex MP of Amethi should let his party workers know that publicly humiliating a person for using his fundamental right is hampering his chance to showcase himself as a leader who can face criticism and not be perturbed by the act.

Hypocrisy of Indian civil society and their Western sponsors: A rejoinder

Shashi Tharoor and his lame allegation on PM Modi, once again torn apart!

Secular and Democratic are the two most abused terms in Indian Constitution

In this galaxy of Secular abusers, Congress Party is not the only one. Almost all parties from Left to Left-Centre to Right-Centre are no less guilty.

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