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Hijab – Illusion of choice

hijab is not a choice but a forced injunction on women. We can equate it to abortion ban and restrictions on contraceptives that Christian women face in western and catholic countries.

एक भक्त की मौत: अनुराग पोद्दार की हत्या को एक साल होने को आया

यह किसी राजनीतिक भक्त की बात नहीं हो रही है। यह उस भक्त की बात है जो माँ दुर्गा का भक्त था और केवल अट्ठारह साल की छोटी सी उम्र में मौत के घाट उतर दिया गया।

The failed master and his over smart disciples

Rahul Gandhi has been heading the Congress Party for more than a decade in one form or another, and Kanhaiya on joining day signaled that Rahul's leadership has not done enough to save the Congress Party from the incoming disaster. How will the scion react?

Rahul Gandhi The Bully

The ex MP of Amethi should let his party workers know that publicly humiliating a person for using his fundamental right is hampering his chance to showcase himself as a leader who can face criticism and not be perturbed by the act.

कांग्रेस की गालीबाज छोरियाँ।

मर्यादा खोता कांग्रेस और देश का विपक्ष हर दिन देश की राजनीती को और रसातल में ले जा रहा है। राजनितिक शिष्टाचार का नालीकरण।

Literate but uneducated news factories

The uneducated left cabal have only literates but not learned "journalists" and editors in their midst. Their so called journalistic ethics have already been shredded many a times in past but spreading fake news seems to be their favourite time pass

Are you ready to get muddy to fight with pigs?

Why do Right wing media have not yet performed to their potential? Because they fight on the turf of left wing media

The virtues of being a Muslim in India

In these testing times Temples have opened their doors and have donated several hundred crores of rupees. Minority religious institution have failed in providing assistance to people in any manner whatsoever at large scale.

Uniform Civil Code: The right time is now

This is the ripe moment to unveil Islamists and show their true colour, to the brain washed Hindu liberals and divisive left(no hope).

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