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Rahul Gandhi The Bully

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There are few people in politics who can stoop to levels of Rahul Gandhi and today his chamchas have shown why exactly that is. The ex MP of Amethi should let his party workers know that publicly humiliating a person for using his fundamental right is hampering his chance to showcase himself as a leader who can face criticism and not be perturbed by the act. The way his workers have threatened actor Mr. Tanuj Virwani and later celebrated the aftermath, it will put him in the leagues of authoritarian leaders like Xi, Stalin and Italian Fascist Mussolini, the leader from his maternal family land, all of them famous for ending any dissenting voice.

As a leader it is up to Mr. Gandhi to let his followers know that people of this great democratic country will not subside to Congress Party’s ultra radical ideology, where a person’s voice will be suppressed for merely expressing his opinion. If his chamchas believe that their leader’s ego is too fragile and he will be happy when they call a person, talk to him in degrading and threatening manner so that he has no way out but to say what he is being forced to say, then it a dangerous situation for common citizen. You are not winning any heart Mr. Gandhi, but showing the general populace of this country what will happen to them if they say anything against you. History has unfavorable examples of such followers and leaders, many African despots and dictators around West Asia are famous for it.

Maybe the Congress Party’s secret deal with Xi’s CCP has taught the ex party president enough on how to silence the voices of people who do not agree with him. Afterall, suppressing public voice is what is CCP does best. The Congress President of Mumbai is so gleefully cheering the suppression of democratic and constitutional rights that he very well may have cracked the code to win Rahul Gandhi’s *kripa drishti*. Is this the way to get into Waynad’s runaway MP good books?

If not, then Mr. Rahul Gandhi should stand tall and dismiss those leaders from his party, who have done this shameful and vengeful act. If Mr. Gandhi’s ego is not fragile and he has the heart to listen to criticism then he must speak now for his silence will mean that this heinous act has been committed with his support because it is not the first time and if he keeps his silence it certainly won’t be the last.

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Businessman with wide range of interests.
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