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Scams and crimes: Digital world black-side

As I wrote previous article regarding mobiles phones, digital world, toddler, and teen, etc. In this I would like to add more points which I thinks important to mention.

Social media is ruining everyone’s life, here’s how

It comes as no surprise that 76% of internet users have a social media account of some kind given that the majority of people now have access to the internet.

Rahul Gandhi The Bully

The ex MP of Amethi should let his party workers know that publicly humiliating a person for using his fundamental right is hampering his chance to showcase himself as a leader who can face criticism and not be perturbed by the act.

When they go low, we go high: Bullying in schools of those who may not behave as per ‘their’ set standards

Bullying is something that is faced by many of us but getting out of the trauma or the repercussions it has on our mental, emotional, physical being is few and far between.

Abuser friendly applications decaying techno- savvy Ggeneration

With exceptional progress in technology we are now in the digital age, abuse on women has also transformed with the advancement in technology. No

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